2012 Green Cars Steal the Spotlight

The United States’ automotive industry has come a long way since the bleak recession period in 2009. This year, car sales are up. And along with rising gas prices has come a rise in the number of green technology vehicles, or vehicles that are becoming more fuel-efficient and ecologically friendly, thus keeping “green” from leaking from Mother Earth – and your wallet.

At the recent annual North American International Auto Show in Detroit, several companies revealed new vehicles that will make going to the gas pump a bit easier this year. One car is Chevrolet’s new Malibu sedan, which will have better fuel economy along with Honda’s Accord coupe and Ford’s Fusion midsize sedan.

In addition, Ford’s Fusion will feature a bell-and-whistle technology unique to non-luxury cars – a warning to you when you are driving and drift into another lane. Ford, Honda and Chevrolet’s new greener cars could make the race against Toyota more competitive, as Toyota’s Camry consistently has excelled in midsize sedan sales.

Also, other green cars were highlighted at the auto show, such as the Volvo 2012 XC60 plug-in diesel hybrid concept car. With this car, you actually can choose your driving mode, whether that is pure, hybrid or power. Pure mode allows you to drive with zero emissions, while the hybrid mode releases 65 percent less carbon dioxide than traditional cars do. Ford further revealed a new Fusion with a plug-in hybrid option. Toyota additionally joined in the green game with its NS4 advanced plug-in hybrid concept vehicle.

In addition, the well-known Volkswagen Beetle is becoming a lightning bug known as the “E-Bugster,” as it is all-electric. The vehicle features a lithium ion battery that allows the car to cover a whopping 100 miles in zero-emissions driving.

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