Los Angeles Auto Show and Green Cars

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Green cars concept is maturing from the last decade. Many companies are working on this technology and these cars are gaining the market share quickly. The green technology vehicles mainly include hybrid and electric cars. The plug-in hybrid is a combination of hybrid and electric motor. Plug-in hybrid allow vehicle to run on battery until it ends, than it automatically switches to gasoline engine. In this way, the gas use is decreased and the car gives very high mileage. Due to this concept, a number of auto shows are being held each year across world to let people know why green technology is advantageous. One of such car shows is Los Angeles Auto Show:


Los Angeles Auto Show is very famous for its uniqueness and quality. The companies reveal many new cars and new technologies are pictured for the first time. Los Angeles Auto Show is one the key promoters of green cars. The first green car introduced in this show was back in 2007 named Saturn Aura Green Line. From there onwards, the Los Angeles opened the new category for Green cars and auto manufacturers including Toyota, Ford, and Mercedes etc entered this competition. With each year, the quality and number of green car participation increased. By the year 2011, the show organizers realized that people are shifting their interest more towards green cars. Keeping in view this scenario, they announced a separate award for the green cars. Therefore, this step shifted green car from minor category to major participants in the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Winner of 2012 Green Car

In this year auto show, Ford Fusion won the 2013 Green Car award. The selection procedure was very tough and methodical. The company has to give a complete profile of their car. The environmental performance was quantified in order to examine the car technology. The mileage of this car is 47mpg. It is the highest mileage that any hybrid can car can deliver. The plug-in hybrid of this model is expected to give a mileage of nearly 100mpg. The jury included top environmental scientists of the world. The prominent jury included Matt Peterson, the Global Green USA President.

The capability of this car is not limited to its excellent mileage; it is compatible in style and speed. Ford Fusion can travel up to 62mph only on its electric motor. If the speed is increased than, this car starts to run on gas engine automatically. The interior system is equipped with voice-activated communication system. One of the salient features of this car is solar tinted glass. It helps in controlling the temperature of the car and hence reduces the use of air conditioning.

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