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Romney and Obama Differ on Green Technology Stances

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Republican Party frontrunner Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama’s views toward green technology are quite different. For Obama, it’s all about clean energy. For Romney, fossil fuels are the name of the game. Obama’s goal essentially is to grow the green industry, thus developing more jobs and making the United States less dependent on foreign oil. He actually is the ...

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New York City to Become Green Apple via Recycling

The Big Apple is trying to change its core as far as recycling is concerned. New York City has been infamous for being poor in recycling for years, but now the city’s goal is to turn that around over the next five years. In 2017, New York City probably should be called the Green Apple if things go as planned. ...

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EU Upholds Green Airline Levies Despite Global Opposition

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In response to international failure to implement green technology curbing carbon emissions, the EU initiated its Emissions Trading Scheme on January 1. The ETS has met with huge global opposition from governments, manufacturers and airlines, but the EU has no plans to suspend it. The ETS levies high fees on flights into and out of European airspace based on carbon ...

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2012 State of Green Business Report Indicates Slow Progress

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street issued the 2012 edition of their annual State of Green Business report on January 18th. Since 2008, the report has asked whether we are succeeding at creating a green economy by implementing green technology in our businesses and lives. This year’s findings were both encouraging and disappointing. The report assesses green technology and practices on 20 different fronts, such ...

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London and Renault Lead in Sustainable City Transportation

Paving the road ahead for cleaner green cars driven by electric motors rather than gasoline or diesel has moved significant steps further in London since this notable 2012 Summer Olympics host city is introducing various alternative fueled taxis for commuting. London’s own eco-friendly cycling devotee Mayor Boris Johnson has bold plans to transform London into the #1 sustainable major international ...

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Home of “White Collar” Star Goes Green

A star in “White Collar” on USA is in the process of going green by making an earth-friendly American home of which Mother Nature would be extremely proud. The home of Tim DeKay will be created according to the standards of LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The new home of the “White Collar” actor, who started the ...

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Green Jobs: The History, Evolution and Future of Hybrid Vehicles

For help with writing your resume, networking with employers, and finding your perfect solar job, visit the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S. Green Technology right away! The following is a guest post from Dale Cooper, a content specialist at Rosetta. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to drive a mile? Depending on your vehicle, automobile insurance policy and other factors, ...

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