Green Transportation

Top 10 MPG Thieves – Secrets for Staying Greener


Happiness is directly correlated with MPG. Things have come a long way since the ghastly six MPG of the 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, but so has the price of gasoline. Why put up with it? Especially if you’ve got a new luxury car or a gas guzzler. Here are 10 reasons – and MPG solutions – for your floundering fuel economy. ...

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The Greener Car Choice: Automatic or Manual?

People are often comparing automatic and manual transmissions. Does one offer any clear advantages over the other? Which one of these should you buy when you are shopping for a car? Is one clearly better for the environment? These are important questions because you will be driving your car almost every day. Therefore, you had better be completely satisfied with the type ...

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The Future of Mainstream Cars Looks Cleaner Than Ever before

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck

Engineers are increasingly trying to convert more people from “riding dirty”—in a “green” sense—to driving with the earth’s future in mind. After all, the trips you regularly take to and from work in a car with a traditional gas engine could be shortening the planet’s lifespan and thus snatching away future generations’ opportunity to live normally. In the distant future, ...

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6 Little-Known Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy on a Budget

Eco-Friendly Driving

Today’s automakers are working diligently to produce vehicles with better fuel economy than in years past. From hybrids to fully electric motors, the cars of the future are changing the way we look at transportation. Not only does improving fuel economy save you money at the pump but it helps the environment as well by reducing emissions in the air. ...

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E-motorcycles, Alternative Fuels Rev Bikers’ Interests

alternative fuels

Like cars, SUVs, and just about any combustible-engine vehicle these days, motorcycles can also be customized to perform in a “greener” fashion. Environmentally sensitive bikers have started to modify their motorcycle’s parts to run on alternative or biofuels. More riders are taking an interest, both for the potential impact on Mother Nature and on their wallets. Gasoline is not cheap, ...

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The Future of Sustainable Boating Technology

Sustainable Boating

Boat operation and maintenance can cause water pollution and surrounding environmental damage if not performed with care and in compliance with state and federal law. Power boats, of course, can cause water pollution by leaking gasoline, oils and solvents. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that boating and marinas also cause high water toxicity, high levels of pathogens and increased pollutants ...

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United Kingdom | Future on wheels – eco-friendly tyres

Everybody who has finished primary school knows that rubber is made from petroleum or/and rubber trees. As the world’s population is rapidly growing and more and more markets are earning more money, which means that they can buy more products (in this case cars), it goes without saying that natural materials are becoming increasingly insufficient for the needs of this planet ...

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