Biogas energy is emerging as an important source of renewable energy. (Image from

Biogas Industry Looks to Change Image, Add Jobs

As sustainability (mostly) continues to become more fashionable, biogas energy is emerging as an important source of renewable energy, especially for rural areas.

Biogas energy is emerging as an important source of renewable energy. (Image from

Biogas is produced from raw materials like agricultural and municipal waste, manure, sewage and green or food waste. Leaving a very small carbon footprint, these raw materials are composted and then used as fuel for electricity, lighting, heating and cooking. Since its production-and-use cycle is continuous, biogas is able to generate sustainable energy.

However, biogas is not a very popular source of energy at all. In fact, it is often considered “the forgotten fuel.” But the biogas industry is looking to change this perception, and open the door to a flood of new jobs in the sector.

In order to get the biogas train rolling, perceptions need to be changed. Often looked upon in a negative light because of its “low class” appearance and the belief that it smells or pollute the environment, biogas is not often considered as an option at a community level. However these beliefs are mistaken, and with some buy-in, community-led biogas production and use developments can create a lot of jobs and strengthen a community’s social and environmental stability.

And when people play a direct role in generating profits, they can gain access to biogas energy ownership, shared resources, new market connections, increased farmer engagement and even direct income. If buy-in is achieved, as expected, the biogas industry will emerge as a socially responsible option in the sustainable energy sector.

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