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EcoForests Launches Social Media Campaign

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Communication to investors is an important aspect of any business. EcoForests understands this need, and in response has announced the launch of a social media campaign. The company has opened a Spanish channel on YouTube to help investors learn more about the new opportunities available with EcoForests. Another branch of their social media campaign is the newly created Facebook and Twitter pages available in both English and Spanish.

EcoForests – A Forestry Management Investment Company

EcoForests is a forestry management investment company. The company manages plantations throughout the world including Spain and Costa Rica. According to the release, most people invest in their company built on their reliable management system for 10 to 16 years. Through their tropical timber plantations they produce both hardwood and softwood for multiple uses.

Michael Ackerman, COO of EcoForests noted, “Here at EcoForests we understand that modes of communication have changed drastically from what they were 10 years ago. Even though our recent entry into the realm of social media will not change the conventional ways in which we communicate with our clients and prospective investors, we are happy about the decision to open our doors to this trendy marketing medium.”

By John Courtney

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