Energy Efficiency

Facts about Green Building

green building

When we talk of green building, many aren’t really sure what the whole thing is. It is a complex notion with so many factors involved, and if you are a fan of living green then you should definitely read through this article. If you are struggling with the term ‘green building’, chances are you may have heard of it under ...

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Companies Going Green to Benefit the Environment

Companies are increasingly going green as a way to show their support for a more environmentally-friendly business world. There are numerous motivations that drive companies to make the decision to go green. Companies going green are trying to express their sincere commitment to end pollution, while other companies go green as a way to garner consumer support and grow profits. ...

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5 More Things Schools Can Do To Green Up

Green-friendly university campuses

In the fall of 2013, we published a post called “7 Best Green Ideas for Schools.” With the technology always evolving, though, and with the reduction of carbon footprints being increasingly important, we thought it was time to offer you a few more things your school district can and should do to “green up.” 1. Solar Panels There is a ...

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Digital Powerhouse is the Future of Housing

Imagine a house that thinks and works like a smart phone. This will be the future of housing. For years now, we have been enjoying the perks and advantages of smart phones. As these smart technologies become prevalent, the future homes that we first thought to exist only in the movies are close at hand. Take away the old rotary-dial ...

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Ways to make your garden more green

Garden is a place that surrounds the house and makes the area cultivated and refined, in other words, it makes it more comfortable for living. They have a protective role besides the visual aspect because well organized groups of shrubs and conifers may protect against wind and snow. The high hardwood can provide shade and freshness in the summertime and ...

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6 Steps To Live Green In 2014

Live Green

A wise man once said ‘You are the choices you make’. And, he was absolutely right. Everything we do in life as (ir)responsible human beings reflects both our lives and lives of others, and ultimately it affects the Planet Earth that has kept us safe for so long. In life, we rarely have time to stop and think of those ...

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Green Urban Planning Can Save Our Earth

Green urban planning is necessary to facilitate green living, but the politics of urbanity pose challenges with regard to making this possible.

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