Energy Policy

Clinton Administration Could Pave Way for More Environmental Jobs

Clinton Administration

Following the close of the DNC, clean energy advocates see job growth opportunities under the Hillary Clinton administration.

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Renewable Energy Alleviates Sluggish Oil Price Concerns

Renewable Energy

As new sources of fossil fuels becomes increasingly frenetic, renewable energy prices continue to drop into range that is competitively priced.

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Negotiate a Greener Future

Green Future

How to Negotiate a Greener Future More so than ever before in the history of humankind, technology is moving fast. It seems every year or two sometimes new comes along that totally changes the game. We’re not sitting stagnant for hundreds or thousands of years anymore, in fact if you went to sleep tonight and woke up even just ten ...

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Obama’s Clean Energy Savings

Solar Power, Electric Company, Clean Energy Savings, Solar Power

President Barack Obama has revealed an exciting new initiative to bring clean energy savings to low-income homes across the nation.

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Preparing for Obama’s Environmental Protection Expansion

President Barak Obama is about to announce the final legacy program to define his administration with an ambitious expansion of environmental protection laws and regulations with details to be revealed in the closing months of his presidency. Momentum for change is on his side because of the streaming reports on the deleterious effects of pollution and non-sustainability to healthcare, water resources, crop ...

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Apple, Facebook, Google Band Together to Support Clean Energy Availability

Clean Energy

On May 28th, Apple, Facebooke, and Google set aside industry differences and co-signed a letter as TechNet opposing House Bill 332, which is seeking out major changes to North Carolina’s current renewable and efficient energy policies. North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) is backing the brands’ opposition as it support their long-standing fight for access to clean energy and promotion ...

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Top 5 States for Solar Jobs

Solar Jobs

Looking for a little light to finally shine down on you in your work life? You don’t have to look very far if you live in one of the top five states known for providing jobs in the solar industry. Something about the sun simply makes people happy: a better day almost is inevitable if the sun is shining, and ...

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