Energy Policy

“Dark” and “Dirty” Coal May Actually be the Next Big Thing in Clean Technology


As a child at Christmas time, you were probably told that getting coal in your stocking was a sign you’d been bad that year. Years later, coal continues to have a bad reputation in the energy sector, with coal-fired plants being labeled “dirty” and blamed for today’s climate crisis. Could it be possible that this dark, dirty substance may actually ...

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How An Industry Actually Shifts to Green

Shifts to Green

We hear a lot these days about how many companies are making changes to appear environmentally friendly, to the point where “green” becomes a buzz word that loses some of its specifics. Apple is a good example of a company with a consumer-friendly clean face and a darker side. Nothing about the company is outwardly evil, however the labor practices ...

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Climate Change — A Possible Driver of Future Terrorism Worldwide

Climate Change

When you hear the words “climate change,” images of landslides, melting glaciers and other natural phenomena may instantly pop into your mind. Climate change certainly may be a threat to human life due to the increasing frequency of severe weather events, such as droughts, floods and storms. However, new research shows that climate change can actually make a nation more ...

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Methods to Teach Children About Sustainability

There are many ways you can teach your children to be more conscientious about their world and what it means to reduce humanity’s impact on the Earth. What ways can help you raise children learn about sustainability? 1. Recycle Regularly – One of the most popular methods of sustainability, recycling has been around for quite some time. As important as it ...

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A Pet Guide to Going ‘Green’

Are you a green person that cares about carbon footprint and your environment? There are a lot of ways that you can help with the maintenance of the environment we are living in. If you are a pet owner or want to become one you can buy items like leashes, collars, toys and beds made out of recycled materials and ...

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What is Germany Doing that the U.S. Isn’t?

Germany is on the same latitude as Maine. That’s nowhere near the latitude of Arizona, which gets more direct sunlight (insolation) than any other state including California, yet Germany leads the world in solar production with more than 17,000 MW. By contrast, the U.S. generates nearly 3,000 MW. So what’s Germany doing right that the U.S. isn’t, which could create ...

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The Top Five Reasons to Go After Green Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies green jobs as jobs in industries or companies that create products or services that help the environment or preserve natural resources, or jobs that entail reducing the environmental footprint of production practices. As of a recent report using data from 2010, the Economic Policy Institute says that the top five states for green jobs ...

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