Geologists have important, good-paying roles in modern society (Image from 0

Geology: An Important Job That Pays

You may not have even considered Geology as a potential career when you were in college, but it turns out, it could pay huge dividends, both for the environment and your bank account.

Geologists have important, good-paying roles in modern society (Image from 0

While Geology is among the least chosen majors among college students, there is a current scarcity of geologists in the job market, despite high demand.  While it is certainly a career best suited for those who love science and the environment, it offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to make an impact and collect a large salary.

But what kind of work would you be doing? It depends. There is a wide range of different jobs that fall under Geology, including oil exploration, mineral exploitation, environmental protection, weather forecasting, education and earth study.

In the mineral sector, geologist job salaries and demand are often tied to the price of geological commodities. These include metals, fuels, and construction materials. When the prices of these materials goes down, it could result in layoffs, but despite the current (relatively) low prices, there is still a good amount of job demand. Should economic conditions get better, demand and prices will follow suit and lead to even more hiring and larger salaries. Outside of the mineral sector, increasing concerns about the environment could lead to more demand for geology jobs.

Salaries for geologists will differ by employment sector, but the current median salary is $83,000. Geologists in the environmental or government sectors earn 10 to 40 percent less than those employed by the mineral resource sector. However, environmental and government jobs are more stable.

The high salary will continue to rise in the years to come as long as the shortage of graduates or qualified candidates exists.

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