Geology jobs play a major role in protecting our future. (Image from

Geology Jobs: Want to Help Shape/Save the Future? Study Geology

Geology might not be the sexiest major to consider when entering college, but there are few fields that can compare to Geology when it comes to playing a role in protecting our future.

Geology jobs play a major role in protecting our future. (Image from
Geology jobs play a major role in protecting our future. (Image from

Geologists impact lives on a daily basis, whether anyone realizes it or not.

And it’s so much more than just the study of rocks. While getting outside and learning about the rocks and dirt is a major component, it isn’t all there is to it. It also certainly isn’t a field to enter if you’re hoping to dodge math or science, because both are heavily involved. But think of the impact becoming a geologist will give you the opportunity to make.

It’s a career that allows you to think globally. On a global scale, geologists study ocean circulation, volcanic ash content in the air, tectonic plates colliding, even how earthquakes shake the planet. Being a geologist might involve traveling to the far reaches of the earth to study our planet’s spectacular landscapes, up into the high reaches of the highest mountains, down to studying deep down miles into the earth.

Geology is also ground zero for studying climate change, now and throughout our planet’s history. How the climate varied for billions of years can help us predict what is going to happen moving forward.

The field offers great entry-level earning potential and you’d be doing work that will make a real impact on the world around you. Consider Geology as a major if you’re looking to make a difference.

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