Offering benefits with your green jobs can make your business more attractive to job seekers. (Image from

Green Jobs Hiring Tip: Take a Look at Your Benefits

As a green jobs employer, you should always provide industry-standard benefits and perks, or better, to make your company look more attractive to potential hires. But did you know you actually aren’t required to provide benefits at all?

Offering benefits with your green jobs can make your business more attractive to job seekers. (Image from

Retirement plans, health plans (except in Hawaii), dental or vision plans, life insurance or paid time off, including vacations, holidays or sick leave–all optional! But just because you don’t have to, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. In fact, you really, really should.

As a small business owner, you might worry that you can’t afford these benefits, but you’d be missing a good opportunity to attract great hires and jumpstart your growth. And with the current uncertainty surrounding what will happen with the Affordable Care Act, a good healthy insurance package looks more attractive than ever.

So do some research in the green industry and find the standard practice for providing benefits to employees, then think of how you could match or improve upon what you find. Offering the same benefits as other businesses in the industry will help you remain competitive, but if you can sweeten your benefits package, you can give yourself a leg up. For instance, an extra week of paid time off or a better employer match for your 401(k) plan. Include attractive performance incentives that give your employees goals to strive toward.

When you’re ready to kick-start the hiring process, make sure you post your job on CareerBuilder to find the best candidates, and good luck in your search!

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