Green Technology Jobs to makeup 33% of San Diego economy by 2020

Green Jobs to makeup 33% of San Diego economy by 2020

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Governor Jerry Brown, in a bipartisan Legislative effort, is moving forward to implement a landmark renewable portfolio standard that requires one-third of California’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020. This initiative by Governor Jerry Brown and the legislature is likely to create thousands of green jobs.

Governor Jerry Brown’s clean-tech legislation is timed perfectly as San Diego, California’s No. 1 solar city, leads California and the rest of the country toward development of clean-tech renewable sources of power and green jobs.  With almost 800 clean-tech companies headquartered in San Diego and 150 being solar energy companies, San Diego will likely help California retain its rank as the world’s eighth-largest economy and the fastest producer of clean-tech companies and green jobs.

Green Technology Jobs a result of AB 32

The initiative leading to significant investments in clean-tech companies and green jobs in California can originally be attributed to AB 32.  Originally a greenhouse gas reduction initiative, AB 32 affirmed by the California legislature, will also create thousands of green jobs as a result.  California attracted nearly $10 billion in venture capital for the clean-tech industry and green jobs.  According to the National Venture Capital Association, clean-tech investment was six times that of any other state with California also leading all states in registrations for green technology patents.

California recognizes economic opportunity to become world leader in clean-tech industry and green jobs

There is plenty of evidence that clean-tech drives green jobs creation and green technology investment even in the middle of this economic downturn.  Actually, green jobs in the clean-tech sector grew three times faster than total employment in California from January 2008 to 2009.  Clean-tech companies such as AMSOLAR, Kyocera Solar, Siliken Renewable, Borrego Solar and Sullivan Solar are committing large investments expecting to bring 500 new high-wage green jobs to San Diegans. California is also home to other clean-tech resources including wind and hydropower.  With California’s prosperous history of demonstrating entrepreneurship in emerging industries it is likely California could once again lead the United States in capitalizing on clean-technology and green jobs.

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  1. The power plants that they are planning to build would create plenty of jobs, California had been really active when it comes to green technology that’s why most of the homes and commercial establishments had chosen to go green when it comes to energy resource

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