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Green Crowdfunding—Your Ticket to Launching a Green Business without the Help of Big Banks

Guest contribution by  YaShekia King. Guest contributors to U.S. Green Technology have the opportunity to produce exciting and engaging blogs each week on topics such as green technological invention, new green start-ups, green manufacturing, green building and green jobs.

Got a green business idea but don’t have the “greens” needed to bring it to fruition? Don’t worry: Just use other people’s greens. This is the premise of green crowdfunding, a niche that has soared in popularity since springing forth around 2005. Through green crowdfunding online, you can actually transform your dream green venture into a reality more quickly than you may have ever thought possible. Read More »

Greening up Your Kitchen

green living

Along with bathroom, kitchen is one of the rooms that, in any average household, get the most use and contribute most heavily to pollution and waste. When you also consider the fact that this is where the food is prepared, it becomes more than obvious that you can’t hope to have a green home without ensuring that your kitchen habits ... Read More »

Environmental Solutions for Big Business

Environmental Solutions_U.S. Green Technology

The environmental impact that businesses can have on the local community and even on the region and the planet as a whole is significant, and many savvy business owners and managers are interested in adopting solutions to decrease the impact their activities have on the environment. The fact is that companies that do not pay attention to their environmental impact ... Read More »

6 Little-Known Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy on a Budget

Audi E-Tron | 6 Little-Known Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy on a Budget

Today’s automakers are working diligently to produce vehicles with better fuel economy than in years past. From hybrids to fully electric motors, the cars of the future are changing the way we look at transportation. Not only does improving fuel economy save you money at the pump but it helps the environment as well by reducing emissions in the air. ... Read More »

America’s Drought: What’s Being Done?


Whether it’s a result of global warming, a high-pressure front located off of the west coast, or just good-old fashioned bad luck, the fact of the matter is that California, Nevada, and much of the Colorado basin are grappling with a drought the likes of which hasn’t been seen in recorded history. And as snowpacks dry up, lakes and reservoirs ... Read More »

How to Find the Very Best Eco Friendly Safaris

Eco Friendly Safaris

For those who are looking to go to Africa to take a safari tour, you may be wondering what you should be looking for in terms of the best options available to you. There are many specialist safari holidays such as those offered by out there for you to choose, and these safaris can provide you and your loved ... Read More »

3 Savvy Tips for the Eco-Conscious Hunter

3 Savvy Tips for the Eco-Conscious Hunter

A 2013 YouGov poll found that 80 percent of Americans feel it is at least “fairly important” to protect, restore and enhance the environment. Hunters have been a consistent target of animal rights and environmental advocates for reasons ranging from the impracticality of hunting to the “barbaric” nature of the sport. Regardless, 80 percent of Americans feel hunting has a ... Read More »