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Recycle – Tips to Recycle Your Unwanted Items Responsibly

Recycle, CareerBuilder

Tips to recycle your items. While these items may be difficult to recycle, they are not impossible to dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Heating Bills Savings Tips – 3 Ways to Save on Energy Costs

Heating Bills, Green Tips

Here are a few things a homeowner needs to consider to keep his or her heating bills down this winter while still being environmentally friendly

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Waste Management: Recycling Your Old Electronics


Recycling Your Old Electronics Most of us are familiar with the most basic forms of electronics recycling: trading in phones for newer models, and selling old computers to friends or over the Internet. This isn’t the only way to recycle your old devices, though! There are a lot of different things you can do to keep your old electronics from ...

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Summer Project: Kids Get Involved in Stopping Climate Change

Being Green, Climate Change

Are your kids spending the last few weeks of their summer vacation with nothing to do? Get them involved with a very worthy cause: stopping climate change.

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Being Green: 4 Ways to Teach Kids the Importance of Being Green

Being Green, Climate Change

As a parent, you can work toward making this happen. But don’t worry, teaching your kids the art of being green is easy if you use some forethought.

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Eco-friendly and frugal ways to design your backyard

Eco-friendly backyard

There are things you can do to redesign your back yard without spending a fortune. You can even incorporate some eco-friendly features at the same time.

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Add Value To Your Home With Eco-Friendly DIY Projects

Eco-Friendly DIY

Giving your home an eco-friendly DIY makeover has many benefits, including cutting your utility bills down, but one of the best things about a remodel

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