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Be a Green Cell User with Verizon’s Help


Going green has a way of not only helping the planet and other people but also helping your own wallet. With mobile phone companies such as Verizon, this couldn’t be truer. Verizon Wireless offers a unique Trade-in Program that allows you to unload your old cell phone in an environmentally friendly way and actually get a cash reward in return. Read More »

Help Yourself and the Environment by Making Your Move More Eco-Friendly


Relocating to a new residence is an exciting and time consuming process that requires you to take a few things into consideration, but perhaps one of the most important considerations is how eco-friendly your move is. The attempt to reduce your carbon footprint not only helps the environment, but it can also benefit you in ways that you have not ... Read More »

Seven Tips to Throwing a Green Barbeque

Green Barbeque

Seven Tips to Throwing a Green Barbeque There is nothing quite like a great summer barbeque. Inviting friends and family over to enjoy a perfect evening and great cooking is one of the best ways to enjoy your weekend. Unfortunately, it is also one of the worst ways to add pollution and waste to the environment. Between the smoky grill ... Read More »

It’s Easy Being Green: 3 Smart and Efficient U.S. Cities

Efficient U.S. Cities

Smart and efficient, green tech is here to stay. New ways to use technology are explored every day in the United States, and some cities have made it a point to concentrate on green technology. Here are three U.S. cities that take that concept to a whole new level. Portland, Oregon Known as the greenest city in the United States, ... Read More »

Easy Ways to stop climate change    

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Whenever you think you are just one person and your deeds don’t really count much, think this: groups are made of individuals alone, therefore each individual counts. This means your actions speak louder than you can imagine, and for this reason precisely you need to take action and do something for the planet Earth. Truth is, some aspects of climate ... Read More »

Common Household Recycling Mistakes


Recycling is important for people to practice, but many eco-minded people don’t always do it as well as they should. In fact, there are a lot of mistakes associated with recycling. By embracing best practices, however, and learning how to avoid common recycling mistakes, you can enhance your community and planet by recycling even better. Haphazard Recycling Sure–some recycling is ... Read More »

Ways to make your garden more green

SOURCE:  Home Smart Home

Garden is a place that surrounds the house and makes the area cultivated and refined, in other words, it makes it more comfortable for living. They have a protective role besides the visual aspect because well organized groups of shrubs and conifers may protect against wind and snow. The high hardwood can provide shade and freshness in the summertime and ... Read More »