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How high performance mats help you address environmental challenges

How high performance mats help you address environmental challenges - U.S. Green Technology

Research has shown that the majority of all dirt, including contaminants and even moisture, enters a building on the soles of people’s feet. This can have a considerably impact on the lifespan of any floor and can cause serious cleaning issues. For many buildings, a commercial mat should be considered an essential part of the entryway. These mats can brighten any space and ...

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Is Shifting to Green Transportation the Best Move for Cities?

Green Transportation

The world’s urban population has increased substantially in the recent years causing more congestion than ever on our city roads. This congestion leads to car accidents, and pedestrian deaths are second only to occupant deaths in motor vehicle accidents, according to Goodman Acker. This congestion not only puts added stress on the lives of the citizens who inhabit these cities, ...

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Going Green with a Tiny Home

tiny home

If you’ve been following the tiny house trend over the past year or so, you know that this endeavor is not a cheap fad. From materials to permits to licensed contractors to the time and labor spent on creating your perfect tiny house, the investment is enormous when the tiny house is ready for habitation. But are the benefits from ...

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Building a Modern Green Home

Modern Green Home

Green building has been around since the 1970s, but with increasing research, affordability and demand, the market for eco-friendly homes has exploded in recent years. Whether you’re building a new home or just looking to update some of the features in your current one, consider implementing these modern, eco-friendly technologies. Downsize In the 1950s, the average home was less than ...

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5 Biodegradable Materials for Eco-Friendly Flooring

Any naturally occurring substance is biodegradable. Different materials will take varying amounts of time to degrade. In today’s modern world, many people are more focused on looking after the environment and minimizing its impact on Earth. Part of these efforts includes ensuring that eco-friendly products are used whenever possible. Twenty years ago we didn’t know much about eco-friendly materials and environmentalism ...

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U.S. Green Technology Celebrating Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day

Founded in January 2009, U.S. Green Technology is an entrepreneurial startup that’s rapidly grown in full bloom Earth Day fashion to provide all the latest environmental and eco-friendly news. Realizing green technology (and more jobs) will be needed to advance a sustainable future, our mission is to educate and enlighten a global and virtual audience with daily news and information ...

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How to Make Small Changes to Make an Environmentally-Friendly Office

Environmentally-Friendly Office

Today, businesses and corporations are trying to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. It can be quite expensive to completely overhaul a business to be eco-friendly. However, implementing some small changes in your business can have a great impact on how environmentally friendly it is. In the long run, you may even save some green by going green. Invest ...

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