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How to Minimalize Your Energy Footprint with a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist Lifestyle

How Minimalistic Lifestyle Can Reduce Your Footprint When you look at tiny homes or micro apartments, you’re often shown a bare-bones, stark living quarter or an over-cluttered space, crammed with as many multi-functional items and gadgets as possible. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean abandoning the conveniences of the tech age or even trying to par ourselves down into an ... Read More »

A guide to eco-friendly fishing

eco-friendly fishing

Most experienced anglers have a good idea of how to fish without creating an adverse impact on the environment. However, with the emphasis on ‘green living’ so prevalent in today’s society, it’s important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to sustain fish resources and protect the wild habitats that make fishing such a pleasure. Here’s an overview ... Read More »

Plant-based car parts – stronger, lighter, greener

Plant-based car parts

As ludicrous as it may sound, several Brazilian scientists at the Sao Paulo College of Agricultural Science have demonstrated that fiber extraction techniques from fruit can make cars greener and more eco-friendly than ever. Plant-based car parts have finally penetrated the auto marketplace, and apparently they’re lighter and stronger than average parts currently available in auto shops. Car parts made ... Read More »

Going Green in the Kitchen: In-Home Gardening

Your indoor kitchen garden is going to require well-draining pots and lots of sunlight, so situating your indoor garden by an east- or south-facing window will keep your plants well-lit and happy.

Not everyone can grow their own garden in their backyard, but most homes, and kitchens, for that matter, have enough space to host a small bounty of staples like herbs and tomatoes. Window-happy plants, like cucumbers (yeah, you can grow those in your house), tomatoes, herbs, and green onions, take up little space and give you the added bonuses of cleaner air ... Read More »

Going Green in the Kitchen

Using smaller appliances in your home means using less energy and making smarter choices in the kitchen. From space-efficient refrigerators to slimmer dishwashers, making more out of your kitchen space can reap larger benefits, like savings on your energy bill, a smarter grocery list, and even more space for that in-home tiny garden

When you think of your home and technology, your kitchen probably isn’t the first room to come to mind. Surprisingly, though, there’s a lot of tech, both electronic and analogue, available for your kitchen that won’t wreak havoc on the environment or your energy bill. From Energy Star-rated appliances to smarter gadgetry to even what you cook up in your ... Read More »

4 Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Options

Weddings are full of traditions, from cake-cutting rituals to open bars to wedding favors. Some traditions fade in and out, and while wedding favors were once a bit of a rarity, Pinterest has brought them back with a fury. The problem with wedding favors is that they’re often cheap, boring, or unusable, leading to a lot of waste and clutter. ... Read More »

The Google Car: Environmental Boone or Ecological Bane?

The Google Car

For over a decade, the world has turned to Google to comb the annals of the internet for the answers to its questions. Google has always been a dynamic, groundbreaking company. Now, Google is breaking into the automotive industry, with their characteristically innovative approach. Meet the Google Car, an autonomously driven car that may render human drivers obsolete in the ... Read More »