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Try Out Green-Roofed Cottages for Your Wedding Venue

Eco-friendly wedding

Planning a huge wedding in a venue with over a hundred guests where anything can go wrong at any time can be stressful, especially since it’s the one day when couples should be full of energy and hope for the future. These days, however, couples are planning out smaller weddings in a cottage or a rural venue where nature gives off a ...

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Go green! Opt for Eco-Friendly Floors

Eco-friendly floor

Environmentally friendly products used to be expensive, bland and even scream that they were the green alternative. Thankfully these days have passed. Thanks to the ever increasing concern over the planet and a drive by most industries to generate more environmentally friendly products there are now an abundance of choices for any part of your home. The following eco-friendly flooring ...

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5 Cities Around the World That Are Promoting Green Living

Green Living

In the past, cities have distinguished their popularity based on local attractions, skylines, and number of tourists. Now that the age of “Green” has become a household name, more people are using green apps, and more people are becoming more aware of the environment. This new phenomenon is creating a widespread trend for cities around the world. From renewable energy ...

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5 Benefits of Rainwater Collection

Rainwater collection offers several personal and environmental benefits. (Image from

Rainwater collection offers several benefits, including reducing groundwater contamination.

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10 Tips to Go Green for the Holidays


Several tips will help you to go green for the holidays so that you and your family and friends can enjoy a green Christmas.

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4 Ways to Teach Kids the Importance of Being Green

Image via Flickr by The Hacktory

Parents can teach the art of being green to children of all ages through a variety of proven methods.

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How to Find the Best Green HVAC Company [Infographic]

On average, people who make the upgrade save on average between 44% per year.

The best green HVAC company has several core qualities, including offering high-efficiency units and using Manual J calculations.

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