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4 mistakes to avoid when building a green home

Modern Green Home

A few tips may help you to avoid making mistakes when building a green home, which include choosing a poor location and building more house than you need.

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Future of Cities: How to Protect It Through Eco-Friendly Living

Future of Cities

Regarding the future of cities, there are several dangers worth noting but also eco-friendly living options that can help to protect these cities for future generations.

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8 Products That Can Transform Your Home Into a Green Home

Green Home, Green Bathroom

A green home helps you keep money in your pocket where it belongs and reduces your carbon footprint. If you’re new to the idea of green living, however, you might not know where to invest your time and resources. To improve your home’s energy efficiency, start with these four products and transform your residence into a green home. Install Low-Flow ...

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Five Ways To Make Your Home A Greener Place And Why You Should

Green Living

There is a reason why so many homes and businesses, and even schools, are going green and doing what they can to use less energy and use less “stuff.” Why should you make your home a greener place? For one thing, it’s good for the environment. Being more green helps the air, it helps the water, and it helps the ...

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Five Eco-friendly Apps

The top five eco-friendly apps enable consumers to learn ways to be greener in their daily activities and purchase more environmentally friendly products.

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The Zen of Garden Trees: How Mature Trees Benefit You

garden trees

Garden trees, which require maintenance, add value to your residential property and also offer benefits to the earth.

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8 Reasons to Go Green Starting Today

Go Green at the Office

When you go green, you benefit the environment, save money, and help to save the earth long-term.

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