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BUILD A CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY PLAN The business buzz is about sustainability. Being environmentally friendly will not lower profits and harm competitiveness. In the past decade surveys report the opposite to be true. The premium business news site, the Financial Times, defines business sustainability “as a process by which companies manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These ...

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Trim Time to Hiring


There are things you can do to help the process along without leaving anything out of your next green employee search process.

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Elevate Structure: Elevate Your Life with an Innovative Green Structure

The Elevate structure can help people to live greener lives. Source:

Elevate Structure offers innovative eco-friendly structures that help to address pressing environmental issues and allow people to live/operate greener.

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Green Crowdfunding—Your Ticket to Launching a Green Business without the Help of Big Banks

Guest contribution by  YaShekia King. Guest contributors to U.S. Green Technology have the opportunity to produce exciting and engaging blogs each week on topics such as green technological invention, new green start-ups, green manufacturing, green building and green jobs.

Got a green business idea but don’t have the “greens" needed to bring it to fruition? Don’t worry: Just use other people’s greens. This is the premise of green crowdfunding, a niche that has soared in popularity since springing forth around 2005. Through green crowdfunding online, you can actually transform your dream green venture into a reality more quickly than you may have ever thought possible.

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Companies Going Green to Benefit the Environment

Whole Foods has remained a staunch supporter of the green movement

Companies are increasingly going green as a way to show their support for a more environmentally-friendly business world. There are numerous motivations that drive companies to make the decision to go green. Companies going green are trying to express their sincere commitment to end pollution, while other companies go green as a way to garner consumer support and grow profits. ...

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Berkeley Startup Works to Make Biomass Carbon-Negative and Affordable

Berkeley startup uses process of converting organic matter into energy to make biomass carbon-negative and affordable.

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“O,” No! Stop Outsourcing and Start “Cloud Staffing” for Your Next Business Project

GoogleWave is One Way to go Green by Cloud Staffing - Image from

Who needs to outsource when you can live on a “cloud” instead? In today’s business world, outsourcing has gained a negative reputation: Not only is the labor associated with it often viewed as “cheap” and “low-quality” but also it has been blamed for the loss of many American jobs. Why not get from underneath the cloud of this old business ...

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