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Women in Green This Week: Laurie Hyman

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It’s play time for the kids, but do you really know exactly what your kids are playing with? Maybe you don’t realize that Little Junior’s toy choo-choo train is railroading right over Mother Earth, causing the same type of environmental damage that an actual train can be blamed for causing. More parents are realizing the need for their kids’ toys to be eco-friendly, and that’s where Laurie Hyman has stepped in.

Hyman helps to heads Green Toys Inc., a leader in ecologically friendly and socially responsible children’s toys since being founded in 2007. In fact, Hyman received the 2012 Wonder Women of Toys Entrepreneur of the Year Award in February. The award is given to a woman who has made a major contribution in the toy or children’s entertainment industries.

Hyman, whose business partner is Robert von Goeben, is passionate about the Green Toys Inc. business because she is driven to ensure that customers have a reliable source for their kids’ products. The company makes its manufacturing processes clear and uses environmentally friendly raw materials, so it emphasizes the value of recycling – a lesson many kids are able to learn during play time.

In addition, Hyman’s toys decrease greenhouse gas emissions and also saves energy, making them extremely green toy options this year for birthdays. Take advantage of new Green Toys Mini Fastbacks and Green Toys Mini Vehicles for the boys and even a Green Toys Salad Set for the girls who love to play cook. These toys not only are manufactured from 100 percent recycled plastic but also are made domestically – here in the United States.

In Hyman’s book, it is never too early to teach children about the value of the earth – in a fun way they cannot resist. In this way, you’re actually making the next kid’s birthday and even Christmas an Earth Day they can find exhilarating year-round.

By YaShekia King

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