Honda Unveils Green Vehicles - Image from

Honda “EarthDreams” Vehicles Arrive With a Green Spin

Honda Unveils Green Vehicles - Image from

Some people may recognize “Earth Dreams” as the title of a 1980s science fiction novel by Janet Morris. However, fast-forward 30 years and you’ll find the name on Honda’s new engine and transmission technology – something that is far from science fiction.

Honda earlier this month at the Tokyo Motor Show introduced new powertrains that have fuel-efficient technologies, calling the company’s new technology EarthDreams. EarthDreams includes two new transmissions – a continuously variable transmission and a conventional automatic – as well as Honda’s first hybrid system, which uses both gasoline and electricity. A new four-cylinder engine and V6 engine also are part of Honda’s multi-faceted goal to improve the environment.

The Honda hybrid midsized car offers the benefit of using electricity while driving downtown and then actually switching to using gasoline when commuting on the interstate so that you can save your car battery’s juice. The first hybrid plug-in should be debuted in 2012, while the traditional version is slated to arrive in 2013.

In addition, two electric motors rather than a mechanical system make up the new system to be used in larger hybrid vehicles such as SUVs. An all-electric vehicle that should have a range of 100 miles also is in the making, along with a small diesel engine for overseas markets.

These vehicles are paving the way for more commuters worldwide to make a contribution to the earth by reducing their ecological footprints. They can do this while also saving on their own gasoline costs and having the ability to cruise around in attractive green technology vehicles. In additon, the green vehicle industry creates more jobs at a time when jobs are in demand.

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