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Northern California Power Agency Agreement Creates Geothermal Jobs

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RENO, NV-based Ram Power, Corp., a renewable energy company focused on the development, production and sale of electricity from geothermal energy and employer of green technology jobs in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, announced June 10, 2011 that the Northern California Power Agency (“NCPA”) has signed an amended and restated power purchase agreement with Ram Power’s subsidiary, Western GeoPower, Inc. (“WGP”). The NCPA will purchase all energy available from Ram Power’s proposed renewable energy geothermal power plant at The Geysers Geothermal Field in Northern California.

The Geysers Geothermal Field, located 75 miles north of San Francisco, California, is the largest producer of renewable energy geothermal electricity and employer of geothermal jobs in the world. Commercial renewable energy geothermal power has been generated continuously at The Geysers Field since 1960, the present generation level being about 900 megawatts of clean, base load renewable energy electricity. Ram Power’s WGP owns or leases all of the geothermal rights necessary to create the green technology jobs necessary to develop the renewable energy geothermal power plant. The Project’s steam field is situated in the southwestern region of The Geysers Field in Sonoma County.

“NCPA has a longstanding commitment to clean, renewable geothermal energy from The Geysers, and we are very pleased to be furthering that goal through this agreement with Ram Power,” said James H. Pope, General Manager of NCPA. “By expanding our geothermal production from four to five plants at The Geysers, NCPA is furthering our long-standing objective of providing reliable and affordable green energy for NCPA member communities throughout Northern and Central California.”

Agreement to bring additional investment and jobs to region

“The Geysers continues to be a key source of clean energy for my community as well as for several other NCPA members. The addition of this new agreement for the generation from Western GeoPower Unit One will bring additional investment and jobs to the region — benefitting electricity ratepayers, our environment and our local economy,” said NCPA Chairman Gary Plass, Vice Mayor of the City of Healdsburg.

NCPA, located in Roseville, California, is a joint powers agency providing clean, renewable energy to its 17 member communities and districts in Northern and Central California. Founded in 1968, NCPA owns and operates power plants that together comprise a 95% emission-free renewable energy generation portfolio. NCPA owns and operates geothermal power plants, hydroelectric plants, simple combustion turbine plants and steam injected combustion turbine plants.

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