Problem at Work? Solve it with a Green Approach, and Build a Reputation for Yourself

Solve a Job-related Green Problem with a Green Approach - Image from
Solve a Job-related Green Problem with a Green Approach – Image from

“Your Name Here,” Manager—it has a nice ring to it. You’re the one who can call the shots on the job, and particularly if you are upper management, you don’t have to be in constant fear of a superior who can determine your fate in a split second. However, along with the power that comes with being a manager comes the hassle of having to deal with issues in the workplace. When faced with a job-related problem, follow these steps so that you tackle it head-on with not only a keen tenacity but also a “green” tenacity.

1) In addition to requiring that issues be officially documented on an Issues Form, require that each form feature a section that allows complainants—whether clients, sponsors or project managers—to explain environmental aspects of the issue. Explore any environmental impacts associated with the problem.

2) If you are hiring an outside consultant to address a workplace problem, consider also hiring an environmental specialist who can propose solutions to problems that have environmental implications. When reaching a final decision regarding how to resolve the issue, be sure to formulate a plan with the environment in mind—a resolution that is good for both the business and the earth.

3) Report on the resolution you have chosen, and analyze the effects of your decision. Promote your aim to take the environment into consideration when speaking with fellow business colleagues, as your story of success will encourage other businesses to follow suit and foster for you a strong reputation of implementing green project management.

By John Courtney

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