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Green Technology – New Solar Panel Breakthrough

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Could the New Solar Panel be a Plant? Could the next best solar panel really be a plant? As it turns out, this could be true. Earlier this year, Huffington Post reported on a Barcelona-based firm called Arkyne Technologies that created a pot called Bioo Lite that harnesses the energy produced by photosynthesis and then transforms it into electricity. The ...

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Solar Impulse 2 Completes Round-the-World Flight

Solar Impulse 2

After 558 hours of flight time and 26,744 miles traveled without a single drop of fuel, Solar Impulse 2 made it back to Abu Dhabi. This means it completed

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Solar Impulse – Seville to Cairo

Solar Impulse 2 made its penultimate flight, soaring 2,327 miles from Seville, Spain to Egypt’s capital city of Cairo.

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Solar Impulse – New York to Seville

The recent Solar Impulse 2 flight, which took more than twice as long as Lindbergh’s, was done without a single drop of fuel, the first flight across the Atlantic done completely on solar power.

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Solar Impulse – Lehigh Valley to New York

The Solar Impulse 2 mission, aiming to be the first plane to circumnavigate the globe without a single drop of fuel, made its way to New York City after landing at JFK airport.

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Solar Jobs: Never-Before-Seen Rise in Solar Jobs

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is estimated that 1 out of every 78 jobs in America is a solar job.

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Solar Impulse – Dayton to Lehigh Valley

The Solar Impulse mission, attempting to be the first solar powered plane to fly around the world, neared New York City on its 13th leg of the journey.

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