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Energy Efficiency Jobs Continue to Grow Nationwide

The regulatory freeze instituted by the Trump administration halted four rules that are designed to promote greater energy efficiency.

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Environmental Jobs: EPA Ordered to Evaluate Job Loss

A judge recently ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to quickly evaluate how many power plant and coal mining jobs are being lost due to air pollution regulations.

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Environmental Jobs May Shift to China Under Trump

Those seeking employment in the environmental sector may have just been given a giant hurdle to climb when Donald Trump was elected president.

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Choose Agriculture: Studies Show Environmental Jobs in Demand

A high workforce demand and low supply of college grads in the environmental sector adds up to excellent job opportunities for those with expertise in food, agriculture and renewable natural resources.

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Environmental Jobs for a Sustainable Future

As the world moves toward a more sustainable current and future, jobs working for the environment are high in-demand, and will provide great stability for years to come. Positions like environmental manager, environmental health officer, environmental service coordinator and more are popping up all over the globe.

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Clinton Administration Could Pave Way for More Environmental Jobs

Clinton Administration

Following the close of the DNC, clean energy advocates see job growth opportunities under the Hillary Clinton administration.

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Environmental Jobs: The Plan to Create Millions of New Jobs

Environmental Jobs

Liberal magazine The American Prospect recently proposed a environmental plan to combat global warming while also creating jobs in the clean energy sector.

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