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Green? 4 Things to Think About When Building in Dallas


You gain much freedom when you build a new home in Dallas, Texas. Green families look forward to the planning and construction process because [read more]

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CareerBuilder: Even More Hiring Tips for Green Jobs

green jobs

Green Jobs: Borrow from your competition. We don’t mean literally borrow employees, but emulate their hiring process. You’re competing with [read more]

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Wind Jobs – Top Five Wind Energy Companies

Wind Jobs

If you’re tired of watching your boss blow hot air and finally want to get into a career that will add some more wind to your sails, then wind jobs are an

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Top 10 Profitable Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2016

Green Business, Green Technology

By starting a green business, you will have advantages of targeting a growing market and you will be satisfied and proud because of your own contribution to making the world a healthier place. Here are some of the hottest ideas for starting a green business. Bicycle Sales and Repair Since bicycles do not emit any hazardous gasses and are better ...

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Find a Job Helping to Save Our Planet


Every year in April, over 1 billion people in countries across the globe participate in one of the biggest events attributed to economic consideration and environmental awareness: Earth Day. As a way of promoting appreciation for the environment that many of us generally take for granted, Earth Day is useful for raising issues of awareness for the things most likely to ...

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Green Technology to Make Energy Work

Green Technology

Making the world greener is not a solo act—it requires a collaborative effort, one that will set the stage for Mother Earth to remain vibrant for years and decades to come. That’s why 500 people representing three countries and 20 different states recently gathered in North Carolina to discuss sustainable energy—including U.S. Green Technology’s very own president, John Courtney.

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Get a Kick out of Green Traveling with the OLAF Kick Scooter

OLAF Kick Scooter

Looking for a way to go green on the go? You’re not alone. In today’s modern society—both in the United States and in Europe—sustainability is increasingly being emphasized when it comes to finding ways to get around town and commute to and from work. The benefits are twofold: You save money with green transportation over time, and you save Mother Earth from destructive greenhouse gases. One of the newest ways to go green on the go—a way that is picking up speed—is the OLAF Kick Scooter.

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