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Solar Energy: Veterans Offer Valuable Assets to Solar Industry

Research shows that U.S. military veterans as a community can be valuable assets to companies that provide solar energy.

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Top 10 “Green” Software Companies

As going green becomes more and more trendy, software companies in the tech industry is battling each other to see who can lead the way to a sustainable future.

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Environmental Jobs: The Plan to Create Millions of New Jobs

Environmental Jobs

Liberal magazine The American Prospect recently proposed a environmental plan to combat global warming while also creating jobs in the clean energy sector.

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Renewable Energy Alleviates Sluggish Oil Price Concerns

Renewable Energy

As new sources of fossil fuels becomes increasingly frenetic, renewable energy prices continue to drop into range that is competitively priced.

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Do You Know What The Hottest Top 10 Green Jobs Are?

Green Technology, Jobs

Green Technology is hot and so are green jobs according to occupational expert Laurence Shatkin’s book “200 Best Jobs for Renewing America.”  In the book, Mr. Shatkin weighs in on the top green jobs in the United States while comparing three factors: income, job growth, and job openings. “I looked at green jobs that had to do with energy efficiency, with ...

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Dept. of Defense Drives Clean Energy Market

Quick—who’s the largest consumer of energy in the world? China? Europe? None of the above. It’s the U.S. Department of Defense. Our military’s consumption of energy makes it a prime candidate for going green, saving money, reducing our country’s environmental footprint, and creating more energy jobs. The DOD isn’t blind to this fact. It’s going to accelerate it’s green technology ...

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4 Ways to Boost Your Energy Job Hunt

It’s back to the old drawing board. You just got turned down from what you thought would have been an ideal fit for you in the energy job circuit. So, what exactly did the hiring manager not see in you? Perhaps, you are not marketing yourself well enough: It’s one thing to have the skills; it’s another to advertise it ...

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