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Why Sustainable Living is Becoming A Precious Commodity

Sustainable Living

At exactly 10:14 pm today, the world population has already reached a total number of 7,254,143,944 and continues to grow alongside the carbon footprint in the world with 401.647 ppm(parts per million). According to the World Clock of Global Statistics by, our population continues to grow by the second and is far greater than the first kisses around the ... Read More »

Green Energy Leaders Convene @ NCSEA’s Making Energy Work 2014


More than 600 clean energy advocates, providers and decision-makers from across the country will convene at Making Energy Work in Charlotte, N.C., this October 1-2 to discuss the latest solutions and technologies impacting a secure energy future and how clean energy plays a role in a globally competitive economy. Hosted by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA), the event will connect highly engaged ... Read More »

U.S. Green Technology Goes Global to Support International Contributors

U.S. Green Technology

U.S. Green Technology has made a huge name for itself in the United States since launching in 2009, but its influence is not merely domestic: It’s worldwide. As a writer for U.S. Green Technology, you can proudly state that you write for a reputable source of not only U.S. green news but international green technology news that affects people around ... Read More »

3 Tips to Become a Top-Notch Backyard Recycler

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While many homeowners are adept at collecting their empty water bottles, soda cans, and old newspapers and tossing them in a recycling container, some might need a little guidance when it comes to the bevy of backyard items that can also be recycled. From grass clippings and piles of leaves to even the water from the pool, the outside of ... Read More »

How to Make Your Blog Posts SEO-friendly—Part 2 of 5


Creating SEO-friendly content is one of the greatest pathways to getting your content read by the masses, but unfortunately, it can also be a huge stumbling block for those who don’t know how to do it correctly. We provided a few tips last week for generating traffic, here are a few additional tips for capturing engaged readers on U.S. Green ... Read More »

How Green Is Your City?


While there aren’t any standardized criteria in the U.S. that define what makes a place eco-friendly and sustainable, there are several components that make a city green. Those include factors such as air and water quality, good recycling and waste management programs, energy-efficient building practices, and availability and use of renewable energy sources. Greenest Cities Some of the greenest cities ... Read More »

Making Your Business Greener with These Waste Management Tips

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Waste management has gained immense importance in the recent times, owing to different concerns related to the contamination of natural resources. Previously, most industries used to drain their waste in the rivers and seas; however, after concerns being cited by different biologists and conservationists, different methods of waste management are slowly coming into the picture. Businesses and industries all over ... Read More »