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Energy Jobs: Geothermal Energy Jobs a Hot Area

Geothermal energy, or the heat from the earth, is clean and sustainable and thus is a hot area of the green job field.

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CareerBuilder: Trim Time to Hire


There are things you can do to help the process along without leaving anything out of your next green employee search process.

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On This Earth Day, Go Green with Your Career

Several companies are doing their part to celebrate Earth Day. (Image from

Did you know that each year, more than one billion people across the globe participate in Earth Day activities, making it the largest civic observance in the world? Many businesses have taken notice and are doing their part as well.

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Solar Impulse – Muscat to Ahmedabad

Solar Impulse

After an 11-hour break to charge up its batteries in Muscat, Oman, Solar Impulse 2 set back to the skies for the second leg of its journey around the world.

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Environmental Jobs: Farming Holds Huge Potential

Environmental Jobs

For those seeking a new career, the agriculture industry lends great opportunity for sustainable work.

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CareerBuilder: Attract the Right Green Job Seeker

Focusing on the green job seeker is an effective way to find the right hire. (Image from

Several tips can help employers to attract the best green job hires.

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Environmental Jobs: Green Jobs the Way to a Sustainable Future

Research shows that it is possible to grow green jobs while not pulling the plug on fossil fuel jobs. (Image from

Green jobs can increase in number while not pulling the plug on today's fossil-fuel jobs.

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