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Solar Impulse – Hawaii to San Francisco

solar impulse

Pilot and explorer Bertrand Piccard completed Solar Impulse 2’s journey across the Pacific Ocean when he landed at Moffett Airfield in San Francisco, California.

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Best States for Solar Jobs

Solar Jobs

Solar Jobs: Best States for a Job in Solar In 2004, only 500 megawatts (MW) of solar power were installed across the entire country, but 10 years later that number had climbed to 20,000 MW. In 2015 alone, an additional 7,260 MW were installed, drawing enough sustainable energy to power 5.4 million American homes. This incredible growth has been due ...

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Green Technology, Carbon Footprint

Stunningly Simple Ways to Significantly Reduce Your Carbon Footprint There is no shortage of ways to “go green” or otherwise help to reduce the size of our carbon footprint. However, not many of them are what one would call simple. Fortunately, we decided to take the time to track down the easiest ways to significantly decrease your dependence on nonrenewable ...

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Green Job…Where Do I Begin?

Green Job

I Want a Green Job… Where Do I Begin? Sometimes the hardest part of seeking a new career is knowing where to start. That can be especially true when you’re for something as specific as a job in the sustainability, or “green,” industry (essentially, a green job). Staffing giant Robert Half compiled a list of the 10 Best Job Search ...

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Solar Impulse – Nagoya to Hawaii

Solar Impulse 2 Reaches Hawaii on Longest Flight Yet. (Image from

Solar Impulse 2 broke another slate of records as it completed the non-stop flight from Nagoya, Japan to Hawaii. The distance covered and the time spent in the air - 118 hours - are records for manned, solar-powered flight.

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Architecture Firm’s Hiring Advice

Hiring Advice

Take a look below to see what a few companies had to say about what they look for during the green job hiring process and see if you can apply any to your own.

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Peak 10 Big Step Toward Sustainability

Peak 10 builds acclaimed sustainable data center in Tampa, Florida. (Image from

Last September, National IT service provider, Peak 10, made news when it began construction on its third data center facility in Tampa, Florida. The new 60,000-square-foot facility, built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, is constructed of 100 percent concrete, and has now been recognized by two statewide organizations for outstanding sustainable design.

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