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Venture Capitalists Invest in Clean Energy

Reports show that new technology that will pave that way to a clean future continues to be produced, yet the well has mostly dried up in terms of investment. But the money is starting to return via venture capitalists.

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How to build a sustainable start-up: practical tips

Wells Fargo

Starting a business can be a perilous task. However, as they say, there is no risk without reward, and the rewards of owning a sustainable and successful start-up company are plentiful. Forgetting an increase in income for a moment, the sheer joy and pride that you will feel knowing you built a business from the ground up with your own ...

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Green Technology – Extreme Weather Causes Property Damage

Property Damage, Future of Cities

Believe it or not, many homeowners struggle with property damage, and most of the time it isn’t even their fault. Or at least it isn’t their fault entirely.

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Green Technology Traveler’s Checklist – Tips on Preparing for Travel

Tips on Preparing for Travel, Ecotourism

Tips on Preparing for Travel. Many Norwegian car owners spend the whole winter season with one thing on their mind, sunnier weather and the [read more]

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Geology Career with the Sexiest Name Goes to: Mud Logger

Have you heard of mud logging? It rolls right of the tongue, doesn’t it? It’s certainly not a glamorous role. But if you don’t mind getting in the… mud, then this might just be the green job for you.

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Career Builder: 3 (More) Tips For Finding the Right Green Candidate

Hiring someone new is always a challenge. We’ve given some tips to help with the green hiring process previously, but you can never have too many, so here are three more.

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Why Do We Need Green Technology In Our Daily Life?

Green Technology

It is already pretty clear that human activities lead to really concerning pollution of the planet and to the importance of green technology.

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