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Dell Earns Green Electronics “Catalyst Award” for Using Recycled Plastic in Products


Dell earned the 2015 Catalyst Award from the Green Electronics Council for its efforts to use recycled plastic in its electronic products.

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Future of Sustainable Electronics Remains Bright

The future of sustainable electronics remains bright thanks to industry companies' green efforts. Photo from:

The future of sustainable electronics remains bright as electronics sector companies strive to more efficiently use natural capital to generate revenue.

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Elevate Structure: Elevate Your Life with an Innovative Green Structure

The Elevate structure can help people to live greener lives. Source:

Elevate Structure offers innovative eco-friendly structures that help to address pressing environmental issues and allow people to live/operate greener.

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Solar Power Heats Up in Northern Ireland

According to Ireland’s Energy Authority, renewable energy sources were able to generate only 7.8% of the total energy demand in the year 2013.

Solar Power Heats Up in Northern Ireland; in fact, the nation's solar energy market appears to be taking off rapidly.

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Future of Cities: How to Protect It Through Eco-Friendly Living

Future of Cities

Regarding the future of cities, there are several dangers worth noting but also eco-friendly living options that can help to protect these cities for future generations.

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8 Products That Can Transform Your Home Into a Green Home

Green Home, Green Bathroom

A green home helps you keep money in your pocket where it belongs and reduces your carbon footprint. If you’re new to the idea of green living, however, you might not know where to invest your time and resources. To improve your home’s energy efficiency, start with these four products and transform your residence into a green home. Install Low-Flow ...

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Sustainability Business Plan: How to Create One

With the business buzz today being all about sustainability, a few steps can help businesses to create an effective sustainability business plan.

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