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Making Your Business Greener with These Waste Management Tips

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Waste management has gained immense importance in the recent times, owing to different concerns related to the contamination of natural resources. Previously, most industries used to drain their waste in the rivers and seas; however, after concerns being cited by different biologists and conservationists, different methods of waste management are slowly coming into the picture. Businesses and industries all over ... Read More »

Time to go green with these different types electric vehicles

Internal combustion engine has been the energy choice for vehicles for more than a century now. Due to climate change concerns and the push for the use of renewable energy by many international organizations, the automotive industry recently came up with vehicles that are using electric power. These kinds of vehicles are referred to as Electric Vehicles (EVs). A typical ... Read More »

6 Steps To Live Green In 2014


A wise man once said ‘You are the choices you make’. And, he was absolutely right. Everything we do in life as (ir)responsible human beings reflects both our lives and lives of others, and ultimately it affects the Planet Earth that has kept us safe for so long. In life, we rarely have time to stop and think of those ... Read More »

Recycling and Reusing Electric Car Batteries: It’s Impact on Environment and Production


  Surely, everyone who has his or her own car, especially those that are electricity-operated would think of how would they dispose their car batteries when they consider getting a new one. Although the option of selling it for others to consume and make use of, knowing how to properly dispose them should be the owner’s responsibility. A lot of ... Read More »

Water shortage a growing concern for Las Vegas


Water levels at Nevada’s Lake Mead are continuing to worry environmental campaigners. The lake’s highest water levels this year have been measured as 1,108 feet, but it is expected to reach its lowest ever levels this month, as it was reported that it has now sunk to 1,082 feet. At 1,075 feet, a water shortage can be officially declared. The ... Read More »

4 Green Tips to Reduce Energy Use in Your Home


If spotting the monthly energy bill in the mailbox strikes fear in your heart, take heed. The following green tips will help reduce the amount of energy you use in your home and save you money. All Bulbs Are Not Created Equal A great way to cut back on energy usage is to replace traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent ... Read More »

Green Charities – Another Way of Helping the Planet

Sustainability has never been a more important issue, and any section of society that can help address environmental responsibility and work towards that sustainable future is warmly welcomed by governmental institutions and the general public. The need to persuade all types of organisations to start taking actions to prevent climate change is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Charities ... Read More »