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USGT Green Light Series: Sears Holdings Sustainability Team, Building a Greener Company

SHC Sustainability

The Greenlight spotlight series takes a look at innovative professionals and businesses disrupting environmental trends with green-focused technology. From automotive to building to energy sources, industries are being disrupted daily as smarter and more innovative green technology becomes available. Name: Sears Holdings Company Sustainability Team Mission: Build a greener company through engaged associates, partnerships, and sustainable operations. Contact: Paul Campbell ... Read More »

Tech Developments That Are Changing the Face of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Tech Developments That Are Changing the Face of Aerospace Engineering Recent innovations in aerospace engineering have moved the industry forward by leaps and bounds, and efforts from both public institutions, such as NASA, as well as private ventures from companies such as SpaceX have captured the imagination of the masses. Here’s a list of some of the most prominent developments ... Read More »

These Earth-Friendly Investments Will Save You Money

Upgrading your appliances, lights and windows to EnergyStar-approved appliances saves you money, and they are easier on the Earth.

Living a sustainable and earth-friendly life takes some work at first. You have to change your daily routine, the products you use and many other aspects of your life. It may cost more out of the gate, but the benefits of living a green and healthy life are well worth it—and many of the major changes you make that benefit ... Read More »

Getting To the Roots Of the Hybrid/EV Auto Industry

Model of a Gurney steam carriage

A Brief History of Just Where the Idea for Green Cars Came From Did you know that the first hybrid vehicle was made in the 1800s? Or that electric vehicles soared in popularity in the early 1900s? Hybrid vehicles debuted way before the Prius, Duo, and the Civic Hybrid cars made their splash on to the hybrid auto market. While ... Read More »

Cook County Cooks up Plan to Go Green

cook county

Cook County—the home of U.S. Green Technology—has been cooking up a plan to make this popular county greener than ever before. The county’s leaders are investing in sustainability in a major way by implementing a creative approach to managing energy and financing. One of the best things about the county’s “green” approach? It doesn’t involve taking a bite out of local taxpayers’ “greens.” Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Go Green with Your Wedding

Go Green

The wedding industry is huge—huge bills, huge guest lists, huge environmental impact. Going green with your wedding doesn’t mean having to ditch your plans for an elegant, chic, mind-blowingly beautiful big day. Going green with your wedding just means choosing more sustainable options and looking beyond the traditional, big-ticket vendors. Here are five simple ways to have less of an ... Read More »

Becoming sustainable: green tech advances for the home

Energy Efficient Home

Making a few sustainable changes to your lifestyle will pay dividends in all sorts of ways. First off, you’ll be saving money, but you’ll also be making your home future-proof against possible failures in systems such as the electricity grid and changes in the weather. Creating a more sustainable lifestyle also has benefits such as building a stronger community, and ... Read More »