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E-motorcycles, Alternative Fuels Rev Bikers’ Interests

alternative fuels

Like cars, SUVs, and just about any combustible-engine vehicle these days, motorcycles can also be customized to perform in a “greener” fashion. Environmentally sensitive bikers have started to modify their motorcycle’s parts to run on alternative or biofuels. More riders are taking an interest, both for the potential impact on Mother Nature and on their wallets. Gasoline is not cheap, ... Read More »

A Misleading Tale About Green Sustainability

Green Sustainability

Beware of the information you receive; you might have just been fed with the wrong one. For years, America has embraced and adopted pro-environment practices in almost every aspect. Just recently, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious events, the Oscar’s has given seven consecutive years towards a green sustainability theme through energy efficient designs. Indeed, green sustainability has come a long ... Read More »

Forget the Outlet—You May be Able to Charge Your Smartphone Using a Plant One Day


Renewable energy is transforming how Americans power their cities and towns for the benefit of Mother Earth. But now scientists are going past the waves, past the sun and past the wind to get to a brand new source of renewable energy: plants. That’s right—the very resource we are trying to protect may actually end up being able to protect ... Read More »

How to Make Your Blog Posts SEO-friendly—Part 5 of 5


Our goal at U.S. Green Technology is to keep readers updated about the latest developments in the booming green industry. Our efforts are futile, however, if our blogs aren’t easily found online. Proper SEO techniques play a huge role in helping to generate more traffic to the website, which is why we’ve been going over them in-depth during the past ... Read More »

How to Build a Green Reputation, and Save Money Too

Green Reputation

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How An Industry Actually Shifts to Green

Shifts to Green

We hear a lot these days about how many companies are making changes to appear environmentally friendly, to the point where “green” becomes a buzz word that loses some of its specifics. Apple is a good example of a company with a consumer-friendly clean face and a darker side. Nothing about the company is outwardly evil, however the labor practices ... Read More »

How Green are your cloud hosting services?

cloud hosting services

Climate change is on nearly everybody’s mind, in one way or another. Becoming more aware of the effects of emissions on the environment, people are looking for “greener” ways to live, from buying local (and sustainable) food and products, traveling via lower-emission transportation methods, and building up recycling and composting programs. There are some obvious things that help — like ... Read More »