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The Green Revolution of the Library


In a recent article I wrote for USGT, I examined the ecological impact on the publishing industry in the age of digitization and mobile devices. Digitization of journals, books, magazines, and other printed materials is impacting libraries. They are becoming greener having to house fewer printed materials, reduce storage space, and the footprint of their physical plants. Libraries have been offering ...

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How high performance mats help you address environmental challenges

How high performance mats help you address environmental challenges - U.S. Green Technology

Research has shown that the majority of all dirt, including contaminants and even moisture, enters a building on the soles of people’s feet. This can have a considerably impact on the lifespan of any floor and can cause serious cleaning issues. For many buildings, a commercial mat should be considered an essential part of the entryway. These mats can brighten any space and ...

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Is Shifting to Green Transportation the Best Move for Cities?

Green Transportation

The world’s urban population has increased substantially in the recent years causing more congestion than ever on our city roads. This congestion leads to car accidents, and pedestrian deaths are second only to occupant deaths in motor vehicle accidents, according to Goodman Acker. This congestion not only puts added stress on the lives of the citizens who inhabit these cities, ...

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Green Initiatives Are Becoming Economic Investment Opportunities

Green Initiatives Are Becoming Economic Investment Opportunities - U.S. Green Technology

Search for green initiatives and you’ll be met with a multitude of methods for lowering your footprint, how-tos for a more sustainable home or business, and insights on how our tech-heavy lives take a large toll on our environment. More recently, however, going green is also tagged with developing a low-carbon economy. Brands are manufacturing greener tools for the home, ...

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4 Ways Go Paperless at Your Next Corporate Event

No matter what type of business you run, there will ultimately be a need to have a meeting or corporate event of sorts. Whether it’s a staff meeting to update your team, a networking or promotional event to get the word out about your organization, or an event to bring in potential clients, coming together is how you stay on ...

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Going Paperless Without Compromising Security

Going Paperless Without Compromising Security - U.S. Green Technology

If you are tired of wasting paper on bills and documents, it’s relatively easy to go digital. However, you must first learn how to properly protect your information. Currently, you may throw your old documents into a shredder to protect them from garbage-rummaging thieves, but when you shift to digital, you need to take a whole new approach. Take a ...

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Before Summer Hits, Make These Energy-Saving Home Improvements

Energy-Saving Home Improvements

As the summer months approach and the weather starts to heat up, many Americans look for ways to save energy and money. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, U.S. homeowners consumed an average of 10,908 kilowatt hours in 2013, a monthly cost ranging from around $75 to more than $200. Integrating energy-saving upgrades to your home will not ...

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