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Eco Real Estate of the Week: Mandala Homes

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
A small Mandala Home. The company produces larger, more complex versions as well. Image from Mandala Homes.

For the first blog in the eco real estate series, I didn’t want to zero in on a specific site. I wanted to discuss eco real estate in a broader, global sense, while still keeping it local and relatable. It seemed like an unlikely goal until I stumbled on Mandala Homes, based out of British Columbia in Canada. Mandala creates eco real estate homes with green technology, which can be shipped in “kits” to locations all around the world.

Owner Lars Chose, a practicing Buddhist, created Mandala out of his own belief that “as humans, we have evolved to have empathy and compassion, and with this comes responsibility to care for the planet.” A mandala is a circular design that symbolizes the interconnection of all life. Lars felt the word, as well as the shape, was perfect for his eco real estate homes.

Most Mandala eco real estate homes are circular in shape, a green technology that is naturally more energy-efficient than other designs. Thermal dynamics are about 20 percent more efficient in a round building than a square one. It also requires roughly 18 percent fewer materials to create the walls, floor, roof and other elements than for a square-shaped building with the same square footage.

The wood elements are treated with non-toxic finishes, and green technology options like eco-friendly, formaldehyde-free insulation are offered to further enhance efficiency and sustainability. Mandala Homes are compatible with a wide variety of green technology energy options, such as geothermal, solar, wood stoves, radiant heating and traditional electricity.

Mandala creates pre-designed eco real estate homes which can be shipped to any location in kits. They also work closely with clients to design custom eco real estate homes, and they encourage their customers to consider alternative energy options when designing their dream homes.

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