3 Ways to Make Motorcycle Riding Greener

Motorcycles represent 2.8 percent of total vehicle registrations in the United States, according to Hedges Company. But as people place more importance on decreasing the environmental impact of their day to day driving, they turn to greener options. Green Choices notes that motorcycles put less wear and tear on roadways, take up less parking room, and also reduce the amount of space needed to transport a single passenger. In addition to being intrinsically green, you also have a few other ways to increase the environmental friendliness of your motorcycle riding:

Track Bike Maintenance

Staying on top of motorcycle maintenance keeps your bike running well and your environmental impact as low as possible. Fluid changes, equipment checks, and motorcycle exhaust maintenance all play a part in how green your motorcycle is running. The Motorcycle Minder app provides you with gas logs and bike maintenance tracking. Your oil changes and all other relevant maintenance and repairs are recorded and the app lets you know when you’re due for another tune up. In addition, it also lets you know your bike’s MPG.

If your MPG seems low for your bike, have it inspected to ensure you aren’t running into engine problems that reduce your fuel efficiency. Some motorcycles have come with applications that also track engine statistics, giving you technical data to work with if you like digging into the guts of your bike and figuring out every last detail.

Monitor Riding Habits

Another consideration when you’re looking into fuel efficiency is your riding habits. West Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles recommends watching how smooth you are when you’re riding. Accelerating slowly increases your MPG and cuts down on the amount of work your engine needs to do. You also save maintenance on other wear and tear items, such as your brakes and tires.

Yamaha’s SmartRiding app improves the smoothness of your riding. The app rates the smoothness of all of your turns for your rides. Taking motorcycle driving lessons can fix any problems with your riding technique and correct any bad riding habits you may have developed.

Consider Switching to an Electric Motorcycle

There are several electric motorcycles on the market, with new technology developing constantly. Green Car Reports notes electric motorcycles average 100 miles per charge and come with smartphone app integration to track battery charge and other bike statistics. The price range varies, with the average cost at $15k, but as electric motorcycles become more popular additional manufacturers will expand this market.

The primary deterrent to electric motorcycles is the availability of fast charging stations. If you don’t live in an area where electric vehicles are common, you may be stuck charging solely at home. An alternative to electric motorcycles are hybrid engine motorcycles, especially if you need to go farther than 100 miles on a charge.


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