Solar Jobs
Solar jobs are leading all other green jobs in number. (Image from

300,000 Now Working in Solar Jobs

Solar Jobs: 300,000 Now Working in Solar

Proof the solar energy industry continues to rise is shown with the news that just under 300,000 Americans are now working in the solar energy sector. As reported in SolarServer, solar jobs is the top renewable energy sector, with 299,000 workers. A total of 209,000 of them work on solar full-time or close to full-time. This is according to The Solar Foundation and BW Research Partnership in its 2015 job census. Wind energy comes in a distant second 77,000 workers.

Clean Job Report

The statistics emerged from the “Clean Jobs America” report, which is based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information and new data from the U.S. Department of Energy. Additional information was gathered from a comprehensive survey of tens of thousands of businesses across the country. The report also provides detailed breakdowns of clean energy jobs that were not previously available.

According to the SolarServer blog, a strong legislature could create even more jobs.

“Clean energy is no longer a niche business – it’s a big-time job creator,” comments Dan Smolen. He is the managing director of The Green Suits, a Virginia-based talent recruitment and career development firm. “Our lawmakers need to realize that – and put policies in place, right now, to help the sector grow even more.”

Future of Solar Energy

The report comes less than six months after President Obama pledged $120 million toward solar power and clean energy. According to the White House, during the Obama administration the number of American homes with solar panels has risen from 66,000 to 734,000. Due to the unparalleled growth of solar jobs, now appears to an ideal time to seek out potentially secure and lucrative job positions in this burgeoning sector of the renewable energy sector. This massive sector boasts over 2.5 million Americans across all 50 states today.

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