Ecotourism on the San Blas Islands promises to be a fulfilling experience. (Image from

365 in 12: Touring the San Blas Islands

For those looking to get off the beaten path while on vacation, the San Blas Islands of Panama offer a wealth of biodiversity seldom experienced by tourists.

Ecotourism on the San Blas Islands promises to be a fulfilling experience. (Image from

Ecotourism aims to give you a more fulfilling experience in a relatively untouched area. With a focus on the local culture and nature, you will enjoy a low-impact variety of tourism that leaves you enriched, having truly experienced a place rather than just visited.

The archipelago is comprised of 365 islands and cays, only 49 of which are inhabited. This 12-hour tour gives you a glimpse into this pristine area, highlighting the history, culture and traditions of the indigenous Kuna people and while showcasing the natural beauty of this unique destination.

The Kuna Yala tribe has self-governing authority over the islands as well as part of the mainland. The locals are known to be friendly and make and sell beaded jewelry and molas, which are elaborate, stitched squares and articles of multilayered cloth that can take weeks to make. Molas are often incorporated into local clothing.

On this tour, you’ll travel by boat to several of San Blas’s islands and snorkel in tropical waters at shipwrecks and historic ruins. You’ll stop at a natural swimming hole and have lunch at Devil’s Island before relaxing on a beautiful, sandy beach. For those 18 and older, top it all off with a rum cocktail on your way back.

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