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According to The New York Times, roughly 25 percent of U.S. energy goes toward business-related needs — and Google accounts for a whopping 2 percent of that chunk.

5 Easy Green Technologies to Implement in Your Eco-friendly Business

5 Green Technologies to Save Money

There are many reasons to go green with your business. You will save money, protect the environment for future generations of customers, and you’ll likely attract new customers who put value on green businesses. However, you might have held back on fully going green because you’re worried the initial costs will be overwhelming or you just aren’t sure quite where to start. There are a variety of green technologies that are actually quite easy to implement in your business.

1. Water Dispensers

Offering bottled water for your employees encourages healthier habits and is seen as a courtesy by many companies, but the honest truth is that all that plastic has to go into a landfill (hopefully you are at least recycling, though). A better idea, and a way to save money is to install water dispensing systems throughout your office. Some companies also offer bottled water to their customers.

Not every plastic bottle is recyclable. As much as 25 percent of bottled water is thought to be obtained from municipal water supplies. You can save money and reduce waste by using water dispensers and washable cups instead, or even better, installing a water filtration system at your workplace.

2. LED Lights

Even though it sounds very simple, just changing a light bulb can save your company money by reducing energy usage. Of course, this also reduces your company’s carbon footprint at the same time and makes your overall practices greener. LED light bulbs tend to last longer, an LED bulb can last about 20 years, and they take less energy to operate.

3. Dehumidifiers

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Dehumidifiers offer a number of benefits for the company trying to go green. One of the biggest benefits is the way that they remove the moisture from the air that builds up in HVAC units and creates both malfunctioning machines and higher energy bills as units struggle to function in that moisture-heavy environment.

In addition, they help prevent mold, which can impact air quality and the overall health of your employees. They also save money and consumables as you won’t have to replace furniture that moisture has infiltrated and ruined. Adding a dehumidifier is a cost effective way to save money in the long term and make your company a bit greener.

4. Buy Green Power

Even if your company can’t afford to install solar panels or windmills at the moment, you might still be able to use green, renewable energy sources. In some areas in the country, you can inform your power company that you want to use green power sources.

The cost of your energy bill might go up slightly, but the savings on the environment will be worth the added cost. You can make up the additional spending by cutting costs in other areas, too.

5. Switch to a Green Web Hosting Company

Most businesses today have a website. Take the time to research the hosting company you are using for your company website. Do they follow green practices themselves? Finding a green hosting company is just another simple thing you can do that makes your company greener and shows your commitment to reducing energy usage.

Elements that make a web host green can include using renewable energy sources themselves, a commitment to reducing use of non-renewable sources, or even a commitment to plant trees.

These five green technologies are fairly inexpensive and simple to implement. By doing so, you will reduce your overall energy consumption as a company and show your green aware customers that you share their commitment to change the way businesses use energy.

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