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5 Reasons Insulation is Important for an Energy Efficient Home

Why is Home Insulation Important for your Energy Efficient Home?

Whether you’re renovating a pre-existing home or building from scratch, insulation efficiency wields considerable impact on the overall integrity of a structure and helps create an energy efficient home. Like trying to carry water in a bucket with a hole in the bottom, drawing plans and choosing appliances for a home that is not well-insulated can result in an unfortunate waste of valuable resources.

Insulation forms a protective barrier between a structure’s interior climate and the outdoor elements. Increasingly sustainable options for today’s residential market render insulation installation a highly competitive endeavor.

Below, we’ve compiled five of the top reasons why insulation is important for energy-efficiency.

1) Lower Energy Bills

Effective insulation protects against soaring heating and cooling costs. Just how much? Use the US Department of Energy’s Home Calculator for an up-to-date valuation based on your home’s size and location. Savings are not just limited to individual homeowners; they offer a global return as well. Lower energy use reduces power plant emissions overall and helps maintain a small carbon footprint.

2) Noise Reduction

As more homes employ open floor conceptual design, residential sound control becomes an increasing matter of concern. Structures built in urban areas also emphasize environmental noise consideration. Insulation in and of itself acts as a natural sound barrier and can easily be enhanced with ancillary acoustic materials.

3) Health Protection

Allergy sufferers, whether chronic or seasonal, experience significant symptomatic relief when protected from stimulants. Insulation maintains a barrier which is vital in keeping exterior allergens out of the home. At the same time, it supports active ventilation against internal triggers such as dust and pet dander.

Insulation also provides an air-tight seal against moisture. When moisture enters a structure, it creates the perfect environment for mold formation. Once generated, mold spores spread rapidly. Exposure to a moldy environment can result in significant health concerns including asthma and upper respiratory infection.

4) Surface Area Coverage

Insulation comes in a variety of types and forms for apportioned installation throughout attics, walls and doors. To maintain the highest level of efficiency, insulation should cover the entire surface area of a home’s perimeter.

Depending on the scope and slope of your attic, you may choose to install insulation directly above ceilings or higher, under the roof itself. Similarly, if cavities exist between your walls and exterior siding, consider gap insulation options. If no gaps are present, solid wall insulation can be applied either to interior rooms individually or the entire outer facade. Don’t forget insulation for the doors of your home, including the garage, which alone can account for to up to 30% of your outer surface area and tend to look sturdier and more attractive than non-insulated garage doors.

5) Home Investment Enhancement

Whether you’re considering utilizing sustainable features such as a rainwater recycling system and solar panels, or merely redesigning to meet the changing needs of your family, efficient insulation will protect and maximize your home investment. Even though insulation installation does not require planning permission, going above and beyond local code requirements will save you money in the end and lend an increased competitive edge to your home’s resell value.

If you could do one thing to uniformly improve the cost-effectiveness, comfort and value of your home, it would be to insulate efficiently. Like taking the time to fix that hole in the bucket, careful attention to energy-effective measure protects valuable time and resources and helps you develop an energy efficient home.

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