5 Most Energy Efficient Office Gadgets

Being energy-efficient isn’t just good for the earth; it’s also good for your wallet. Using energy-efficient office gadgets can help you save a lot of money in the long run. If you are wasting energy, you are wasting money.

That means more money is being spent on energy bills, and less on competitive prices and products. Your business will see the benefit of being eco-friendly, while also doing a good deed for Mother Earth. Take a look at the top five energy-efficient office gadgets on the market.

The Ecobutton

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Easily power down computers when you are away with the Ecobutton. This is an excellent tool to help save the company money. It’s a small USB device that can power down the computer when you step away. All you have to do is push the Ecobutton. Computers tend to be the biggest energy users offices, so you can save money by making sure energy isn’t wasted while you’re in a meeting or out to lunch.

Solar Charger

A small, portable, solar panel kit like the Solar Gorilla can give power to your laptop computer. The panels produce 10W of power when in the direct sunlight. That’s enough to charge any number of electronics, and can eliminate a significant amount of traditional energy consumption. It’s great to use every day in the office, while also coming in handy while traveling or for charging gadgets on the commute in to the office.

Water-Powered Calculator

This calculator uses water-activated batteries. The batteries simply require moisture to activate the carbon particles inside that produce the energy. Water-based batteries use about the same amount of energy as a traditional alkaline battery, but these types of batteries aren’t toxic. They are also made of carbon, rather than processed metal. All you have to do is refill the battery tubes with tap water to keep the calculator going for another two to three months.

Energy-Saving Light bulbs

They’ve been around for years now, but most businesses still haven’t taken advantage of the simple switch to energy-saving light bulbs. An act as small as changing a regular light bulb to a compact fluorescent bulb will save on energy bills on a daily basis. The energy saved every day will translate into more profits at the end of the year. The bonus to using energy-saving light bulbs is that you won’t need to change the bulbs as often as traditional light bulbs.

Energy Management Systems

If you’re serious about saving energy and (in the long run) money, have a debate about investing in an energy management system (EMS) like Energy lens, that’ll help you track your energy usage with ease using excel in intervals as short as 5 minutes. You get real-time feedback based on actual energy usage. This is helpful for companies who are looking for an affordable and easy to understand energy plan. You can see where you use the most energy, and then make changes based on what the software shows you. When in the market for an energy plan, don’t be afraid to shop around, many states have the ability to choose from several affordable options.

Being energy-efficient is important for everyone, including business owners. Stop wasting energy and start seeing more profits.

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