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5 Green Jobs that Get You Outside

U.S. Green Technology specializes in connecting those seeking green jobs to quality employers. Whether you’re looking for a specific green-collar job, or are open to opportunities at companies with sustainable practices, U.S. Green Technology provides resources for all skill levels and industries. Check out any of the popular searches above!


U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
Only you can protect green jobs! Former NPS director Mary Bomar. Image from Wikipedia.

Green jobs in construction are on the rise as clean energy projects are being executed, but there are also opportunities in plenty of places you may not have looked yet.

1. Organic Farmer – Green jobs in organic farming can be challenging, but rewarding. On one hand, you may find it more difficult than you anticipated to get a good harvest without using pesticides or herbicides. On the other hand, demand for organic produce is on the rise so green jobs in this sector will likely increase.

2. Wildlife Rehabilitator – With the recent problems we’ve had with oil spills and the exploitation of our natural resources, green jobs like “wildlife rehabilitator” are in demand. You could be one of those people who helps clean oil off of baby ducks, but you could also help feed baby animals, train volunteers and assist with animal transportation.

3. Park Ranger – The difference between park rangers and forest rangers is that one group is employed by the National Parks, and the other by the U.S. Forest Service. Easy, right? The classic description of these green jobs is that they “help protect people from people, people from natural resources, and natural resources from people.”

4. Program Instructor or Activity Leader – Somebody’s got to lead those whitewater rafting teams or guide people through the basics of hang gliding. Why not you? Green jobs like this help people enjoy the environment, while educating them about the importance of protecting it.

5. Vineyard Worker – The trick to ensuring this job is actually green is to work for a vineyard that has established organic practices. Green jobs in vineyards are most rewarding for wine lovers, but they do involve manual labor.


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