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When comparing a used hybrid with a typical used compact car, the difference in fuel costs each year are only about $1,000.

5 Exclusive Luxury Green Cars – U.S. Green Technology’s Green Guide

5 Luxury Green Cars Offering Fuel Savings and Minimizing Emissions

When the first eco-friendly green cars entered the US market, the average consumer was concerned about environmental friendliness and efficiency; they didn’t care about anything else. Buying a green car was all about the pioneering powertrain. Things have changed over the years. Leaving aside fuel efficiency and minimal emissions, potential buyers also want a car that looks good and drives fast. Design, performance, technology and comfort are fundamental aspects that people want (and need) when thinking about making such an investment. To cater to your needs, we’ve prepared 5 of the best luxury green cars currently on the market.

Green Cars: Tesla Model S

Featuring world class performance, advanced technology and in-car infotainment, Tesla’s Model S is a beast on the road. It is included in the luxury large car category because of its excellent score in performance level and positive reviews from the experts. But there’s more to Model S than meets the eye. Regardless of the model you’ve decided to buy, the line acceleration is superb. The handling is sporty but refined, Model S being focused on a lengthy driving range in spite of being powered by an electric engine.

Green Cars: Acura NSX

Acura’s newest NSX model ranks best in the luxury sports cars category. Based on an evaluation done by the experts, the NXS has a rating of 8.6/10. Featuring excellent cornering abilities and strong acceleration, the eco-friendly car has components that elevate general performance compared to similar models on the market. Some of the best characteristics of the NSX include multi-angle rearview camera, heated seats, Siri Eyes Free, and more. In addition, on the inside we have Alcantara trimmed upholstery and perforated leather. There’s plenty of support on the seat as well as luxurious, comfortable driving conditions.

Green Cars: BMW i3

Green Cars, BMWi
Image from BMW USA

Even though BMW’s i3 model is slightly more expensive than its competitors, it does stand out due to its quick acceleration, high-end interiors, and poised handling abilities. On the outside, the car may appeal more to sports car enthusiasts; it may not look like the most luxurious vehicle, but it does stand out due to its solid performance levels, upscale cabin, and decent range. Crash test scores were also better than its competitors, meaning that the i3 is a safe car that makes driving it a breeze. Featuring a high-tech powertrain and high-tech technology on the inside, BMW i3 is worth considering by those aiming to invest in a hybrid. The advanced navigation system makes it a keeper; as well as the mileage – 81 miles capacity on a single charge.

Green Cars: Lexus ES Hybrid

The latest ES model from Lexus exudes luxury inside out. The car is powered by outstanding powertrain, excellent gas mileage capacity, spacious cabin, and smooth driving. As opposite to its competitors, the ES is a great choice for those that truly care about the environment, and wish to save money on gas. On the inside, the tech features are fun to use and diverse. The design is superb, which is why Lexus ES is included in the luxury hybrid category of the year.

Green Cars: Lexus CT Hybrid

Last but not least, we have another Lexus. This time around it’s the latest CT model from the manufacturer. It stands out due to other considerations from the previous model; namely, improved comfort and excellent cargo space. In terms of fuel efficiency, it’s safe to safe the CT doesn’t disappoint. The gas-electric powertrain makes the car an upscale hatchback that looks luxurious and drives very smooth while on the road. First launched in 2011, the model has come a very long way; with features and new improvements that will surely convince you to invest in a fuel-efficient car to minimize gas emissions.

The auto industry is advancing pretty fast. With the demand for eco-friendly cars increasing, the average consumer hunts for the best model that’s fuel-efficient. Since the demand is high, it’s natural for manufacturers to adapt. Names like Lexus, BMW, Acura, Porsche, and others have done a beautiful job at diversifying their palette. Consumers want mitlek exhaust, speed, and high performance all combined in the same vehicle. The good news is their options are endless. What’s left for them to do is settle on a design and price before making a final purchase.

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