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5 Ways to Find an Energy-Efficient Solution in the Cloud

Energy-Efficient Solution Cloud-Based Technology

Adopting cloud-based technology in business is a smart choice if you’re looking to save money and increase efficiency. But it also provides an innovative and effortless means to adopt a more energy-efficient solution. Imagine your company no longer needing to invest in bulky servers, IT infrastructure and staff, as well as replace damaged or obsolete devices that always seem to need fine-tuning.

Indeed, this decision not only provides massive cost savings, but can also afford your employees greater convenience in which to do their jobs. Here are five ways cloud contact centers and workforce management software can provide you the green solutions you need.

1. Energy-Efficient Solution: Workforce Management Software

Implementing cloud-based workforce management software, including call center solutions sold by Aspect, in your business can help save precious resources and reduce your carbon footprint. More specifically, expert forecasting creates the opportunity for your business to schedule the fewest number of employees — ultimately, you avoid over-staffing — at any given time to handle a decreased workload. Furthermore, by implementing a cloud-based software solution, you’re cutting costs with no:

  • Initial investment in hardware
  • Need to foot the bill for equipment upgrades to keep your system up to date
  • IT costs for someone to maintain the hardware

2. Energy-Efficient Solution: IT Waste

Visualize a traditional contact center that requires numerous communication systems as well as foolproof infrastructure, servers, storage devices, networking hardware and cables. As you may already know, this equipment frequently requires repair, and after a few years, obsolete devices require complete replacement. Truthfully, the average life expectancy of hardware systems is three to five years, but it’s even less for the storage and security markets.

This is where cloud-based technology outshines its competition. On the whole, the cloud reduces IT waste by eliminating your need to purchase, replace or dispose of broken or obsolete devices. Additionally, cloud hosting companies have minimized their need for maintaining hardware systems and, its place, host multiple applications on one server that typically have a longer lifespan than three to five years.

3. Energy-Efficient Solution: Software Multitenancy

Beyond reducing your business costs and carbon footprint, cloud contact centers offer multitenancy, a software architecture in which a single instance of software runs on a server and serves multiple tenants. Ultimately, this cost-savings and consolidation feature conserves energy that would have otherwise been expended running several, individual servers. But less servers means less electricity, which leads to a lowered carbon footprint and decreased carbon emissions.

Multitenancy even allows businesses to combine demand patterns. For example, if several different entities within a business need access to similar documents, software or programs, employees can then access these resources through one virtual server, no matter their location. This results in extreme efficiency and a scaling back of energy and use of resources.

4. Energy-Efficent Solution: Energy-Efficient Behavior

Cloud-based software solutions, including 8X8, inContact and CallHub, have adopted pay-as-you go models. By only paying for what they use, companies can encourage customers to power off resources when they’re not being used and set times for other infrastructure to enter sleep mode when left idle. For example, the flexibility of the pay model allows you to easily scale and customize certain features, including the addition of call center agents based on high customer demand.

5. Energy-Efficent Solution: Higher Environmental Standards

As the use of cloud contact centers gains steam, businesses that adopt this type of infrastructure will ultimately be held to a higher standard to ensure they’re providing energy-efficient solutions to their customers. This has led many operators of cloud contact centers to invest in renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar or hydroelectricity, to power their operations. As their customers ditch unnecessary and wasteful equipment, cloud contact center operators are also exploring consolidation by:

  • Reducing their e-waste footprint
  • Requiring less infrastructure
  • Adhering to strict e-waste policies that promote recycling
  • Improving the lifespan and resiliency of their services

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