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6 Companies Going Green To Their Part For The Word

6 Companies That are Going Green

Environmental issues concern us all. Whether you’re a large company or a single person, no one is immune to the threats that pollution pose to our world. While many individuals have been going green for years, some companies are stepping up to do their part for the world too. Here are 6 of the largest companies that are going green.

6. Bank of America

Going GreenMost people don’t expect much from banks these days. They certainly don’t expect them to be green. Yet Bank of America has been making strong efforts to go green. Even though the company has had a 24% increase in its customer base, it’s still managed to reduce paper use by 32% percent.

Bank of America also runs a recycling program that’s responsible for recycling 300,000 tons of paper a year. That’s 200,000 tree saved yearly. Additionally, the company offers a $3000 bonus to employees that buy hybrid cars.

5. McDonalds

Going GreenYes, you read that right. McDonalds is going green. Years ago, Mickey D’s wouldn’t have come close to making this list. Once, the company proudly featured Styrofoam take out and engaged in other environmentally unsustainable practices in its misguided attempts to turn a profit.

Today however, McDonalds is quite different. Gone are the Styrofoam containers of yesteryear. McDonalds also has begun to work closely with PETA to ensure humane treatment of all the animals involved.

4. Commerce Energy

Commerce Energy has recently spent millions in an effort to decrease its carbon footprint.  Since 2007, the company has invested $32.1 million in renewable energy projects. These projects have enabled them to provide renewable energy for 160,000 homes a year. Additionally, they’ve spent $14 million in emission reduction, creating cleaner air for us all.

3. Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Going GreenHP, like other computing companies, was once famous for creating polluting products. This is particularly true of printer ink. Ink cartridges from all printing companies fill up landfills at an alarming rate.  To combat this, not only does HP recycle ink cartridges, but the company has also made sure all of its own products are 100% recyclable. Additionally, HP runs hundreds of e-waste centers that turn obsolete technology back into raw materials.

2. SC Johnson

SC Johnson makes a variety of household products, everything from Windex to Saran Wrap. Though the company isn’t particularly known as the most environmentally friendly company on the planet, SC Johnson has been working to change that. The company’s Greenlist Process has resulted in removing 1.8 million pounds of harmful chemicals from its Windex line. Furthermore, it has removed 4 million pounds of PVC from its Saran Wrap line.

1. United Continental Holdings, Inc.

Going GreenIn an age where few airlines are spending money — choosing instead to make do with older, more inefficient planes — at least one isn’t. United Continental Holdings, Inc. have replaced their entire fleet with more fuel-efficient models. These newer models not only burn less fuel, but also have accounted for 75% fewer emissions since 2000.

Going green is good for us all. While some might argue that large companies only “go green” to improve their public image, it’s safe to say anything that entices a company to “go green” is good for us all. What other major companies do you know of that recently have made strides to go green?

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