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6 Steps To Live Green In 2014

A wise man once said ‘You are the choices you make’. And, he was absolutely right. Everything we do in life as (ir)responsible human beings reflects both our lives and lives of others, and ultimately it affects the Planet Earth that has kept us safe for so long. In life, we rarely have time to stop and think of those who did us good and pay them back. Well, the time to do so is now – it’s time we gathered some collective consciousness and paid the Planet back with some good behavior on our own. How will we do it, you ask. Through going green, of course!

The key to going green isn’t about giving up on all benefits of modern life. It’s about using and re-using wisely.

1. Smart management of resources

First of all, living in a consumer society we are all prone to overspending and overbuying things we usually don’t need. This is the first of habits that needs to be broken – simply, don’t buy what you don’t need. Also, teach yourself (and raise consciousness among those around you!) to reuse items as much as you can – start with using both sides of paper when photocopying, re-use disposable cups at the water cooler (or just use a regular glass or a mug), bring your own bags when going shopping. It’s all pretty simple and a matter of practice!

2. Electricity

When you are not at the office or at home, turn off and unplug all gadgets that don’t need to stay on while you are away from your premises. Printers, computers, photocopiers and similar equipment are a huge source of electricity abuse, therefore if not absolutely needed, turn them off. All gadgets and equipment that can’t be turned off should be set to their most energy efficient settings. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and turn the lights off whenever you leave the room for longer than 15-20 minutes. You will do planet a huge favor!

3. Environmentally friendly is your friend!

Being green-aware is not something you reserve for just home or just your office. The habits you adopt are what you should live by. So, make sure you buy things that are environmentally friendly. Yes, they do cost about 5-10% more than regular products, but you must admit it’s a small price to pay to reduce the pollution and waste rate. Instead of getting way too enthusiastic at the beginning and then burning out, start small. Buy 100% recycled paper, non-toxic highlighters, and refillable ink cartridges, replace air filters regularly (studies have shown that a new oxygen sensor alone can improve mileage by as much as 15%), etc.

4. Food’s important, too!

Go local! What do we mean by going local? Go for locally grown foods. As for high consumption foods – go organic. Buy fair trade, organic coffee and teas. When you prepare food or order from a restaurant, choose vegetarian. Cut down on meat as much as possible. Going greener with your food means going greener for the Planet. And we love our planet, don’t we?

5. The world is your oyster!

Luckily, people have recently become more aware of the necessity to live green and have come up with some amazing solutions on how to save up the energy we tend to waste so inconsiderately while at the same time getting the best service possible! We all need to secure our homes and offices, right? Obviously, the best way to do so is through security alarms. Apparently, we now have the option to both secure our homes and go green, while saving up to 30% off our home energy bill! This is achieved through advanced security integration of full energy management solution with alarm system. Amazing!

6. Non-toxic cleaning products are a must

It’s a great thing to see that people are for the most part getting more and more involved in saving the planet. Companies that manufacture cleaning products have joined the ride and there are now varieties of non-toxic products for cleaning. Green cleaning products will not only save the planet, but will save you a lot of money as well.

The Planet needs our help, people! It’s time we all teamed up and worked towards the same goal – saving what’s left of our beautiful Mother Planet.

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