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If you’ve ever worked in a government regulated industry, you know that the amount of paper that accumulates due to forms, data sheets, policies, SOPs, and quality manuals is monumental. Besides that, paper is constantly being printed and thrown away so that only the most up-to-date documents are being used. In a government regulated industry there are enough rules and ...

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Cloud Based Technology Integration for a Better and Greener Business

Integrating cloud-based technology into your business not only increases productivity and efficiency, it makes your business more green! With cloud technology, you are able to decrease the amount of hardware, space, and energy that your business uses. Recently, there was an article on this site about Going Green with VoIP, and that is one of the technologies mentioned in this ...

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Going Green with a Cloud-Based VoIP Business Phone System

Businesses are increasingly conscientious about their environment footprint. Businesses that utilize environmentally friendly business practices are eligible for tax credits through the 2009 economic stimulus plan as well, so there’s even more incentive to go green. Often, going green is easier said than done; good intentions do not equal actionable practices. Going green with a cloud-based VoIP phone system, though, ...

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More Green Technology Jobs Expected With Irish Clean-Tech Firm TreeMetrics

3D Point Cloud Data

Treehuggers worldwide are bound to appreciate the enterprising 2005 Irish green technology start-up firm TreeMetrics, whose goal is to revolutionize the forestry business so that it’s more environmentally friendly with efficient sustainability in forestry management for superior industry cost savings at all levels. The company is partially funded by government-owned Enterprise Ireland, an organization which seeds the expansion and progress ...

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5 Ways to Find an Energy-Efficient Solution in the Cloud

Energy-Efficient Solution

Adopting cloud-based technology is a smart choice to save money and also provides an innovative means to adopt a more energy-efficient solution.

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Paperless Solutions for Corporate Events


4 Ways Go Paperless at Your Next Corporate Event No matter what type of business you run, there will ultimately be a need to have a meeting or corporate event of sorts. Whether it’s a staff meeting to update your team, a networking or promotional event to get the word out about your organization, or an event to bring in ...

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How to Minimalize Your Energy Footprint with a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist Lifestyle

How Minimalistic Lifestyle Can Reduce Your Footprint When you look at tiny homes or micro apartments, you’re often shown a bare-bones, stark living quarter or an over-cluttered space, crammed with as many multi-functional items and gadgets as possible. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean abandoning the conveniences of the tech age or even trying to par ourselves down into an ...

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