A Pet Guide to Going ‘Green’

Are you a green person that cares about carbon footprint and your environment? There are a lot of ways that you can help with the maintenance of the environment we are living in. If you are a pet owner or want to become one you can buy items like leashes, collars, toys and beds made out of recycled materials and biodegradable bags.

Pet toys

When buying a toy for your pet look for items made out of easy recycled materials. Back in the day people used sticks to play catch with their dog so there is nothing wrong with wooden toys except they don’t have a fancy brand and a high price on them. This way you won’t have to worry about cleaning the toy with chemicals that may be harmful for your pets. But if it comes to chemicals try to avoid those that you wouldn’t use on yourself. Even if you are buying something else for your pet like a litter for your cat, look for biodegradable littler instead of clay- based litter. This litter based on clay will just end up on a landfill and endanger the environment we are living in. If you are buying a bed for your pet, look for materials such as hemp.

‘’Green’’ lawn

Everybody knows that plants and trees absorb and use that bad carbon-dioxide that has a bad effect on our environment. You can make a ‘’Green’’ lawn by getting plants and herbs that are also safe for your pets to eat. There are also some ways to fertilize your plants without using the chemicals that may harm your pet’s health. For example use organic fertilizers that include manure, humic acid, worm castings and other things. When protecting your plants from invaders use nettle and spray it on for protection instead of potentially dangerous chemicals. You may have another battle with little fleas, bugs and insects flying around in your house. You can also avoid using a lot of chemicals to battle the invaders of your home. Prevention of fleas is the first step. Make sure that your pet’s food intake includes garlic and vitamin B. Another solution is the herbal sprays and natural shampoos that will keep the fleas away and make your pet become a force field for the bugs. This is a traditional and an eco-friendly option of dealing with this kind of problem. When exterminating the flies and bugs in the air you can use the DIY organic fly trap method using an old bottle. Or you can buy one of those eco fly trap products that you can hang on the wall somewhere.

Pet food

It may sound silly, but buying food in bulk for your pet can help save your environment and the money in your pocket. This way you won’t have to waste fuel every time you need dog food and increase the emission of gasses in the atmosphere. You will also reduce the amount of packaging like plastic bags, food cans or glass that you will need to dispose later on. A lot of pet food products are unsuitable for humans, so why are we feeding it to our bellowed friends? These foods are made out of animal by-products with a lot of processing done to them. So when you are buying food and treats for your most bellowed ones, make sure that it says natural and organic pet food and is certified by strict USDA standards.

Be humane

If you really care for your environment and consider yourself a green person you help a lot by even adopting a pet. There are a lot of pets that never get adopted in animal shelters and they use a lot of food, electrical energy and chemicals for these facilities to maintain their existence. Another humane thing you can do to prevent this over population of animals is having your pets spayed or neutered. The number of pet owners grown over the past few decades and so did the number of pet parks. If you are using a plastic bag to get rid of your pet’s excrement switch to biodegradable bags to remove the mess your pet made. These parks are made for your loveable friends so care for them as you care for your pets.


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