Address Validation Software Is Good for the Environment

A 24-hour Automated Postal Center kiosk inside the Webster, Texas Main Post Office.
A 24-hour Automated Postal Center kiosk inside the Webster, Texas Main Post Office.

Address validation software may seem like a simple technology tool, but it provides a myriad of environmental benefits. Even if you’re not concerned about your data quality, using services such as QAS address software and other solutions decreases your environmental footprint and allows you to advance your green business initiatives. Here are a few ways address verification software is good for the environment:

Waste Reduction

Address verification software provider QAS reports up to 10 percent of direct mail gets returned as undeliverable each year. This leads to a great deal of wasted materials. When you run address validation processes, you confirm all of the addresses in your database are as accurate as possible to cut down on the amount of returned mail.

Eco-Friendly Mailing

After you’ve reduced the amount of waste you generate through inaccurate address data, you can further reduce the environmental impact by looking at the supplies you use and the way you print. The USPS recommends you take a look at the type of ink you use for color printing and coated paper, choosing inks with a low environmental impact.

For the ultimate in environmentally-friendly direct mail marketing, new technology such as plantable envelops, reusable envelops and two-way postage paid shipping reduce environmental impact. These might increase your supplies and initial mailing costs, but when your customers see how far you’ll go for the environment, they might just feel more obligated to respond. New innovations continue to improve the environmentally-friendly aspects of direct mailing.

Targeted Marketing

Don’t send out mass mail blasts for every marketing campaign you produce. It is wasteful and may not get the response you want. Your bottom line and the environment benefit when you use address validation software with your customer relationship management applications to targeted specific demographics. Separate your demographics into age ranges, buying habits or other categories to get your message out to the right customer.


De-duplication is the process of removing duplicate data from your database, whether it’s a customer’s name or several small variations of an address. This process stops you from sending mail that is either going to go to a customer’s house multiple times or from sending mail that is incorrectly addressed. Either way, that mailer is getting thrown in the trash. When you audit your data and clean it up, you avoid these kinds of scenarios.

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