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International Banks Buying Into Sustainable Future

The Paris climate agreement has finally officially gone into effect, with the goal of limiting the global temperature rise well under 2 degrees Celsius. Experts think it’s only going to take a $17 trillion investment by 2030 to get there.

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Widespread Fuel Cell Adoption Creates 180,000 Energy Jobs

Energy Jobs, Green Energy Jobs

According to one study, the widespread adoption of fuel cells could create 180,000 new energy jobs in the U.S. by 2020. These positions will open in roles

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Alternative Ways to Charge Your Cell Phone

Alternative Ways to Charge

Rather than plugging into an outlet or a computer USB port, there are new and emerging charging technologies that make it faster and easier than ever to get life back into your phone. This is good news for anyone who depends on their phone day and night. Wireless charging technology is the future goal for developers. Here are some alternative ...

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Clean Technology Outlook Bright for 2015 on the Back of a Record-breaking Green Investment Year

Clean Technology Outlook

Imagine going through a week of nothing but cloudy, foggy days, only to finally “strike gold” with a bright and sunny one. That’s the journey the clean technology industry has taken over the past several years worldwide, with 2014 being a “golden” year in the field. The market witnessed its most robust investment performance in several years last year, paving ...

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Two Chicago-area Hospitals Leading in the Green Movement

Green Movement

Two Hospitals in the Chicago Area Are Taking Extra Steps to go Green

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5 Money-Saving Ways To Go Green In Your Kitchen

Green Kitchen

In most cases, the kitchen is one of the least green parts of the house. This is because the largest proportion of energy consumed and waste created often emanates from the kitchen. As such, the kitchen is often the best place to begin adopting a greener lifestyle. Adopting greener kitchen practices can not only improve the environment, but can also ...

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Methods to Teach Children About Sustainability

There are many ways you can teach your children to be more conscientious about their world and what it means to reduce humanity’s impact on the Earth. What ways can help you raise children learn about sustainability? 1. Recycle Regularly – One of the most popular methods of sustainability, recycling has been around for quite some time. As important as it ...

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