Green Technology

Green Crowdfunding—Your Ticket to Launching a Green Business without the Help of Big Banks

Got a green business idea but don’t have the “greens" needed to bring it to fruition? Don’t worry: Just use other people’s greens. This is the premise of green crowdfunding, a niche that has soared in popularity since springing forth around 2005. Through green crowdfunding online, you can actually transform your dream green venture into a reality more quickly than you may have ever thought possible.

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The Truth About Our Climate Change Brawl Failure

Climate Change

Women are the cause of Climate Change! What? Last June 2014, Mashable released an article titled, Women of the World: Kimye, Tackle Climate Change, claiming women are to blame for climate change. Since when did Climate Change become so sexist? In 2013, a report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reveals that global warming dates back even before ...

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America’s Drought: What’s Being Done?


Whether it’s a result of global warming, a high-pressure front located off of the west coast, or just good-old fashioned bad luck, the fact of the matter is that California, Nevada, and much of the Colorado basin are grappling with a drought the likes of which hasn’t been seen in recorded history. As snowpacks dry up, lakes and reservoirs recede, ...

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Two Chicago-area Hospitals Leading in the Green Movement

Green Movement

Two Hospitals in the Chicago Area Are Taking Extra Steps to go Green

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Environmental and Financial Benefits of Using LED Lighting at Home

As more people become conscious of the need to conserve the environment, one of the strategies that have come to the fore is that of using environment friendly energy and gadgets. This has led to the introduction of Light-Emitting Diode otherwise known as LEDs which are semiconductor sources of lighting in many homes. The advancement of technology has seen these ...

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Eco-Friendly 3D Printing – Myth or Reality?

3D printing has been around for a while now. It is definitely a great technology which can convert a digital 3D drawing into a real 3D object. We have all read it and heard it from people – 3D printing is the future of manufacturing and it is more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to conventional manufacturing. There are already several ...

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Facts about Green Building

green building

When we talk of green building, many aren’t really sure what the whole thing is. It is a complex notion with so many factors involved, and if you are a fan of living green then you should definitely read through this article. If you are struggling with the term ‘green building’, chances are you may have heard of it under ...

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