Alternative Energy

International Banks Buying Into Sustainable Future

The Paris climate agreement has finally officially gone into effect, with the goal of limiting the global temperature rise well under 2 degrees Celsius. Experts think it’s only going to take a $17 trillion investment by 2030 to get there.

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Hydropower May be Affected by Trump Presidency


Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the Presidential election last month has left many across the nation stunned, including those in the hydropower industry.

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Ethanol Engines vs. Traditional Engines: Understanding the Difference

Ethanol Engines

Ethanol Engines Could Pack Big Punch. 95 percent of all petroleum-based gasoline sold in the United States is now blended with 10 percent ethanol

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World Bank Invests In Biomass Power Plants

In the Philippines, three biomass power plants are being built in Negros Occidental from a $161-million investment from IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.

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Wastewater Engineers Make Clean Water Possible

An important aspect of any community that you might take for granted is a clean and safe water supply. You expect your water to be treated and clean and your waste to be flushed away and disposed of safely. That’s where water or wastewater engineers come in.

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Green Technology – Sustainable Construction to Save the Earth

Eco Real Estate, Sustainable Construction

Eco-friendly, sustainable construction has been developed because of the knowledge that buildings often negatively affect the environment [read more]......

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Green Technology – Disruptive Trends Transforming the Auto Industry

Green Technology

Green technology is becoming more common in the industry, in ways that benefit both the environment and the consumer. You might not even know about

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