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Will Self-Driving Cars Mean Serious Cuts in Air Pollution?

The concept of self-driving cars is no longer futuristic; it’s making its way into the mainstream. According to IHS Automotive, 21 million self-driving cars will be sold globally in the year 2035. However, that doesn’t mean self-driving cars aren’t quickly coming to the market. The IHS Automotive forecast also shows 76 million self-driving cars will be sold globally through the ...

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5 Luxury green cars offering saving fuel and minimizing emissions

When the first eco-friendly hybrids entered the US market, the average consumer was concerned about environmental friendliness and efficiency; they didn’t care about anything else. Buying a green car was all about the pioneering powertrain. Things have changed over the years. Leaving aside fuel efficiency and minimal emissions, potential buyers also want a car that looks good and drives fast. ...

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5 Trends Making Cars More Eco-Friendly

electric vehicles, eco-friendly

The acceleration of consumers deciding to purchase eco-friendly cars is continuing to take shape...[read more]

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The greenest cars for 2017

greenest cars

Best Greenest Cars For 2017 2017 has been a great year for the auto industry thus far. Manufacturers are finally turning to hybrids and electric cars, meaning that the trend will continue to materialize throughout this year. Specialists agree that because fuel prices will remain low, increasingly more consumers will choose to go green and invest in an eco-friendly vehicle. ...

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BMWi: It Started with a Vision of Zero-Emission Vehicles


Nowadays you can drive a BMWi3 electric car, the new Nissan or a Renault Zoe that will help you travel around the world and keep the environment [read more]

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Graphene: Why Investors Should Look at Stocks Investing in Carbon R&D

Graphene, Green Technology

Ever curious how we got to the point of producing batteries and technology en masse? The discovery of graphene, a property of carbon, led the way.

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Green Technology – Porsche Macan SUV Review & Ratings

Porsche Macan, Green Technology

Weighing in at 4,111 pounds, the Porsche Macan S is cross breed between a muscular SUV and a sleek sports car. What we get as a result is an SUV [read more]

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