Alternative Fuel Sources

Driving Sales and Sustainability: Hydrogen vs. Electric Powered Cars

Tesla Motors, Green Car

Many of us might not know it, but there’s a heated race going on behind closed doors. A race to determine the fabric of the future of human transportation. Most of us are familiar with electric cars, and some are maybe even in the know about the pros and cons of driving electric. Slightly less well-known is that hydrogen powered ...

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The Future of Mainstream Cars Looks Cleaner Than Ever before

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck

Engineers are increasingly trying to convert more people from “riding dirty”—in a “green” sense—to driving with the earth’s future in mind. After all, the trips you regularly take to and from work in a car with a traditional gas engine could be shortening the planet’s lifespan and thus snatching away future generations’ opportunity to live normally. In the distant future, ...

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Urine—the Next Big Thing in Clean Electricity?

You’ve probably heard the old adage that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Many people embrace this idea when it comes to recycling their old soda cans, water bottles and even electronics for reuse. But what about recycling their pee? Believe it or not, some scientists are crowning urine as the newest king of clean electricity—something worth remembering the ...

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E-motorcycles, Alternative Fuels Rev Bikers’ Interests

alternative fuels

Like cars, SUVs, and just about any combustible-engine vehicle these days, motorcycles can also be customized to perform in a “greener” fashion. Environmentally sensitive bikers have started to modify their motorcycle’s parts to run on alternative or biofuels. More riders are taking an interest, both for the potential impact on Mother Nature and on their wallets. Gasoline is not cheap, ...

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Filter Your Faucet Fluids: 6 Reasons to Avoid Bottled Water

Buying bottled water might seem like the best way to hydrate your mind and body, but doing so has more negative effects than you think. If you can’t resist the urge of drinking water from a bottle as opposed to from your home’s faucet, then you probably need to read the following six reasons why you should avoid plastic filled ...

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5 Types of Renewable Energy

The world’s energy needs could be reduced by one-third by 2050 if individuals and corporations work to save energy now and begin relying on renewable energy sources provided by power companies and personalized adoption. Renewable energy allows you to tap into natural resources that are replenished as part of the normal life cycle. Cut a tree down to burn for heat, and ...

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Are Power Companies on the Grid too Big to Fail?

In a recent article by Carter Eskew, a valid point is brought up about power companies being on the verge of downsizing due to more and more residences and businesses being energy sustaining. While Eskew paints the future in a bleak color in the article, does it really have to be as bad as the author suggests? Or could this be ...

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