Future Fuels

Graphene: Why Investors Should Look at Stocks Investing in Carbon R&D

Graphene, Green Technology

Ever curious how we got to the point of producing batteries and technology en masse? The discovery of graphene, a property of carbon, led the way.

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Energy Jobs: Biomass Jobs to be Saved in Northern California

Local biomass jobs in Northern California might be saved by an amendment to SB859. The bill and the workers affected await the signature of Governor Jerry Brown.

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Recycling and Reusing Electric Car Batteries

Electric Car Batteries

Recycling and Reusing Electric Car Batteries: It’s Impact on Environment and Production Surely, everyone who has his or her own car, especially those that are electricity-operated would think of how would they dispose their car batteries when they consider getting a new one.  Although the option of selling it for others to consume and make use of, knowing how to ...

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E-motorcycles, Alternative Fuels Rev Bikers’ Interests

alternative fuels

Like cars, SUVs, and just about any combustible-engine vehicle these days, motorcycles can also be customized to perform in a “greener” fashion. Environmentally sensitive bikers have started to modify their motorcycle’s parts to run on alternative or biofuels. More riders are taking an interest, both for the potential impact on Mother Nature and on their wallets. Gasoline is not cheap, ...

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Rising Sun: The Slow Transition to Solar Power

Green Energy

Moving toward a solar energy world is the goal for many environmentalists. But the road to a golden radiation energy scenario is fraught with economic issues. With all the excitement in the industry, the big question remains: Can the long-term promise of renewable energy shift down to common, everyday use by homeowners and businesses? For the most part it can, ...

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Progress and the Looming Energy Catastrophe: A Way Out

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street

Energy consumption is driven by many factors but mostly it is guided by the growing consumer culture sweeping the world. Just look at more affluent countries; they have more means than their third-world counterparts to buy various goods and this correlates to the amount of energy they consume. The United States alone has a population that represents less than 5 ...

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Plant Technology to Be Used in Computers Someday

When you think of solar collection, plants are some of the most efficient of creations. Naturally photosynthetic, plants maximize the solar energy collected in order to develop and grow. What would happen if humankind was to increase the capabilities of a plant by 30-percent due to nanoparticles? Scientists have already began bridging the gap to creating bionic greenery. The researchers ...

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