Green Transportation

How Technology Has Improved Fuel Efficiency

Green Technology

It seems that from the time the first automobiles rolled off the assembly lines, gas mileage has been a concern for those making the vehicles as well as those sitting behind the wheel. However, as technology has advanced over the years, many changes have come to automobiles and their ability to increase fuel efficiency while also having less and less ...

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Plant-based car parts – stronger, lighter, greener

Plant-based car parts

As ludicrous as it may sound, several Brazilian scientists at the Sao Paulo College of Agricultural Science have demonstrated that fiber extraction techniques from fruit can make cars greener and more eco-friendly than ever. Plant-based car parts have finally penetrated the auto marketplace, and apparently they’re lighter and stronger than average parts currently available in auto shops. Car parts made ...

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How Do Hybrid Vehicles Perform on the Second-Hand Market

Green Cars, Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles continually increase in popularity as petrol prices soar. While fully electric cars will revolutionize the automotive industry, hybrid cars are the best current alternative to petrol-guzzlers. Typically, used hybrids retain the majority of their value and rise and fall in price depending on the national petrol-price average.   Used Car Comparison   2010 Hyundai Accent Two cars with ...

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6 Things to Look for When Buying an Eco-Friendly Car

Getting ready to buy a new vehicle? Consider buying an eco-friendly car. On top of lowering your carbon footprint, an eco-friendly car can provide you with other added benefits, such as tax breaks and lower fuel costs, to help you save a little cash while you save the Earth. But, just like shopping for any car, choosing a green car ...

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USGT Green Light: ChargePoint, the World’s Largest and Most Open EV Charging Network

Electric Car Charging, ChargePoint

The Greenlight spotlight series takes a look at innovative professionals and businesses disrupting environmental trends with green-focused technology. From automotive to building to energy sources, industries are being disrupted daily as smarter and more innovative green technology becomes available. Name: ChargePoint Mission: To help people make the switch to EV by providing an open charging network while also creating a ...

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Getting To the Roots Of the Hybrid/EV Auto Industry

Model of a Gurney steam carriage

A Brief History of Just Where the Idea for Green Cars Came From Did you know that the first hybrid vehicle was made in the 1800s? Or that electric vehicles soared in popularity in the early 1900s? Hybrid vehicles debuted way before the Prius, Duo, and the Civic Hybrid cars made their splash on to the hybrid auto market. While ...

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The Google Car: Environmental Boone or Ecological Bane?

The Google Car

For over a decade, the world has turned to Google to comb the annals of the internet for the answers to its questions. Google has always been a dynamic, groundbreaking company. Now, Google is breaking into the automotive industry, with their characteristically innovative approach. Meet the Google Car, an autonomously driven car that may render human drivers obsolete in the ...

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