Hydrogen Fuel

Driving Sales and Sustainability: Hydrogen vs. Electric Powered Cars

Tesla Motors, Green Car

Many of us might not know it, but there’s a heated race going on behind closed doors. A race to determine the fabric of the future of human transportation. Most of us are familiar with electric cars, and some are maybe even in the know about the pros and cons of driving electric. Slightly less well-known is that hydrogen powered ...

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Going Green on Two Wheels: How Motorcyclists Can Reduce Their Impact

Going Green

Eco-friendly automotive engineering is no longer a new topic. Toyota’s original green car, the Prius, is more than 10 years old, and almost every auto manufacturer has an option now for those seeking an environmentally conscious, low-emission vehicle. Even electric cars like the economical Nissan Leaf or the futuristic Tesla are becoming the new standard of green. But what about ...

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Eco-Friendly Models Improving Attitude, Reputation of Motorcycles

Motorcycles are stylish, thrilling and affordable—but traditionally, they’ve always been highly pollutive vehicles. Pound for pound, as far as emissions go, the motorcycle has been tabbed by some as the most non-eco-friendly vehicle on the road, with some estimates saying the average chopper spews out 10 times more pollution than a car, mini-truck or SUV. This Los Angeles Times article ...

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Hydrogen Cars: So Near Yet So Far

“If we build it, they will come.” This is what General Motors and the U.S. Army are telling each other as they join forces to research and develop hydrogen fuel cell technology to power the cars of tomorrow. One of their priorities is improving the safety of the high pressure hydrogen tanks. After all, no one wants to hit a ...

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Berkeley Startup Works to Make Biomass Carbon-Negative and Affordable

Berkeley startup uses process of converting organic matter into energy to make biomass carbon-negative and affordable.

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From Bacteria to Biofuel

We are constantly striving to define the world around us not only for the sake of control, but to also see if it can’t offer us more. Research is always being performed to create life saving medicines from rainforest plants, and animals are often used to develop life enhancing surgeries. Aside from the occasional new species found, we often feel ...

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Lockheed Martin to Create Solar Powered Fuel Cells

For assistance with your green jobs search, check out the CareerBuilder Resource Center at U.S. Green Technology. There you can get help crafting your resume, tailoring your job hunt, and connecting with employers who will share your values and appreciate your skills. In the past, the U.S. Army has estimated that about 70% of the material brought to battlefields, considered by weight, ...

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