Hydrogen Fuel

Title for Green Tech Revolution Catalyst Up for Grabs

When you think of the trend-setting iPod, Steve Jobs of Apple likely comes to mind. If you look at the predominate use of computer software, you likely would link this invention to Bill Gates and Microsoft. Mark Zuckerbergh is the individual seen as the catalyst for the revolution of social media thanks to his popular Facebook creation. But who do ...

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Green Technology Investment Capital Shows Marked Q3 Increase

According to new groundwork data released by green technology research leader Cleantech Group, the third quarter of 2011 saw a marked spike in venture capital investment money. Within this green sector, Solar, Energy Storage and Energy Efficiency are the leading three choices for those willing to fund future projects that may lead to more US-based Green Technology jobs. The report ...

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Fuel Cell Green Technology Viable Clean Transporation Solution

Green Jobs, Green Technology | U.S. Green Technology

I came away from this year’s AltCar Expo with a renewed enthusiasm for Electric Vehicles and ever-increasing desire for the US getting up to speed on green technology jobs for transportation alternatives. It was great reconnecting with old and new friends, talking tech, sharing insider views, test driving EVs and seeing many new models on display. First to follow up ...

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Volvo and Siemens Careers Yield Electric Vehicles

More electric vehicles are slated to enter the market as Siemens and Volvo recently announced a partnership to develop these green vehicles. The partnership will help more American drivers decrease their environmental footprint as well as generate more Siemens careers at a time when job opportunities are invaluable. Siemens careers will include the chance to work with Volvo on electrical ...

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ENERGY STAR Legislation To Create Roughly 17,800 Green Jobs

ENERGY STAR, Green Building, Green Technology

According to ENERGY STAR, the international standard for energy efficient consumer products, many commercial buildings in the District of Columbia and New York City will need to meet ENERGY STAR performance reporting deadlines by this summer. As established by new green building legislation in the District of Columbia and New York City, the law requires the use of the Environmental ...

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Canada Spending Millions On Clean Energy & Next Generation

Canada, Clean Energy, NSERC

An investment by the Government of Canada will give young researchers in universities across Canada an opportunity to expand their skills and to transition from trainees to productive employees in areas such as clean energy and bionanotechnology for the Canadian workforce. Canada’s Minister of State for Science and Technology and current member of the House of Commons, the Honorable Gary ...

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Germany Announces Emission-Free Mobility Via Hydrogen Network

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street

The development of a German clean energy network of hydrogen filling stations is gaining momentum. The automotive manufacturer Daimler AG, formerly DaimlerChrysler, and the strategic consulting group Linde technology announced June 1, 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany that they plan to open 20 new clean energy hydrogen filling stations in Germany over the next three years. This will more than triple ...

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