Alternative Fuels

Green Technology: Changing How We Travel

Green Technology

If you’re making travel arrangements or are thinking of a late holiday and find yourself checking the green credentials of your itinerary, you might be pleased to note that eco-friendly technology is now being integrated by a range of transport hubs and providers.

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Eco-friendly vehicle transforms industry

eco-friendly vehicle

How the growing demand for more eco-friendly vehicle is transforming the world’s automotive industry It was only a few years ago that the car to be seen in was the H2, the monster military-derived American car from Hummer. Today, these old buckets of bolts look like something from another universe: tall, wide, and carved in thick lines like a professional ...

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Solar Power Heats Up in Northern Ireland

Solar Power Heats Up in Northern Ireland; in fact, the nation's solar energy market appears to be taking off rapidly.

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The 2015 Guide To Electric Cars

Electric Vehicles

The 2015 Guide To Electric Cars by

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Driving Sales and Sustainability: Hydrogen vs. Electric Powered Cars

Tesla Motors

Many of us might not know it, but there’s a heated race going on behind closed doors. A race to determine the fabric of the future of human transportation. Most of us are familiar with electric cars, and some are maybe even in the know about the pros and cons of driving electric. Slightly less well-known is that hydrogen powered ...

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Doing Your Part: 6 Ways People Can Reduce Car Gas Emissions

The average driver can easily reduce car gas emissions in several ways in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

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CES 2015 – Green Technology Home Solutions

Green Technology, Carbon Footprint

Multiple green technology home solutions are designed to help you to reduce your ecological footprint while also saving money each year.

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