Alternative Fuels

Driving Sales and Sustainability: Hydrogen vs. Electric Powered Cars

Tesla Motors, Green Car

Many of us might not know it, but there’s a heated race going on behind closed doors. A race to determine the fabric of the future of human transportation. Most of us are familiar with electric cars, and some are maybe even in the know about the pros and cons of driving electric. Slightly less well-known is that hydrogen powered ...

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Doing Your Part: 6 Ways People Can Reduce Car Gas Emissions

The average driver can easily reduce car gas emissions in several ways in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

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CES 2015 – Green Technology Home Solutions

Green Technology, Carbon Footprint

Multiple green technology home solutions are designed to help you to reduce your ecological footprint while also saving money each year.

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Is Shifting to Green Transportation the Best Move for Cities?

Green Transportation

The world’s urban population has increased substantially in the recent years causing more congestion than ever on our city roads. This congestion leads to car accidents, and pedestrian deaths are second only to occupant deaths in motor vehicle accidents, according to Goodman Acker. This congestion not only puts added stress on the lives of the citizens who inhabit these cities, ...

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Driving the Transportation Energy Revolution

BMW Hydrogen 7

In August 2014 “the Energy Department announced more than $55 million for 31 new projects to accelerate research and development of critical vehicle technologies that will improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs,” according to The new support and effort to find more energy efficient ways to fuel vehicles has not-so-alternatively fueled the alternate energy and conservation movement that has ...

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Electric Vehicles & Future Transportation

Future of Mass Transportation

Are Electric Vehicles the Future of Mass Transportation? Big cities around the world are at a crossroads for sustainable transportation: They need to find a way to combine mass transportation for billions of passengers while minimizing their environmental impact. Electric transportation popularity seems to be on the rise, but is there really any other durable solution? When upgrading or changing ...

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Top 5 Used Cars for Eco-Minded Drivers

The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to the Earth’s warming, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making up 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Drivers can reduce their carbon footprint by driving less, choosing eco-friendly fuels or switching to electric of fuel-efficient cars. Not everyone can drive less or take public transportation, though. So, for commuters ...

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